Friday, November 21, 2003

ahahaha... O levels feeling i'm going to be finished too...haha...~_~V got feeling i didn't do well for my O's... ahhhhhhh... HECKcare lar!! it's ended, time for playing!!! wether i get good grades or not, let's enjoy from now on till the day i get my results and face the music...haha...^______^*

if can, i want to look for 2 jobs...both part time... maybe one as a cashier, and the other job in mcdonald...but i dunno how to arrange the time... how can i work two jobs in one day? what if the jobs schedule crashes... hai... work -> money -> CD, VCD, N-Gage!! hehe!!

Saturday, November 01, 2003

wahahahah!!! graduated from secondary school already!!!

hai...graduation means seperation too... i dun really want to go seperate ways with all my friends and classmates... after four years in this school!! I know we can still keep in contact and all, but it won't be the same as when we are in school... do i explain this? it's like, when in school, i can look and stare at people that i like most in class, for as long as i like, whereas after graduation, i won't be able to do that... and there's some people whom i never really talk to, but at least i can see them during school days, after graduation, i won't be even be able to see their faces or hear their voices...hai...T_T *cough, cough*