Tuesday, May 31, 2005

haiz. haiz. haiz. wohohoho... i'm crazy.

Monday, May 30, 2005

hmm... poor pei sin... =_=" her dear "qing fu" is gonna leave Singapore to study in Shanghai... can tell that she's rather depressed today... i met her "qing fu" b4 and had a real deep impression of her, partly cos she looks so much like ella!! wahahaha... even her voice sounds like ella, but she has sharper features den ella though, actually.. i think she's prettier den ella in a way... haha... hmmm... pei sin's face was so black the whole day!! first time in history i've seen her face liddat... made myself act silly to see if she'd have any reactions... hmmm... but she laughed for a while only... haiz. she din even have the mood to write notes during lecture... so being a good friend... i copied all the notes for her... mwahahhaha ~____~V haiz. was a little surprised when i asked her if she had taken any photo with her friend b4, and she said no... hmmm.. i told her that if it was me, i would take lots of photos with my friend... so that at least i can look at that friend's pics everytime i miss them... (i mean, i wouldn't want to have an image of my friend only inside my head, cos memories do fade away...) but well, everyone has different thinking... not sure if she feels the same way though. she's also not going to send her friend off at the airport, cos she doesn't like the feeling of it... hmmm... i understand how some ppl rather not go send their friends off, cos it'll be really sad!! den again... hmmm.. diff ppl have diff thinking? haha... cos i'd rather send my friend off at the airport, at least i can see them a little longer, and so what if i cry... there's nothing wrong with crying... ... right? o_O


Sunday, May 29, 2005

hmmm... is it due to the moving stars and planets out in space? how come activities seems to like purposely packed themselves into one day... mwahahha... hmm... should i go out with my mum to look for phones on Wednesday, go out with Pearly, or go with Clarice? o_O" and den on Saturday... should i go to Jia Yang's birthday, YISS anniversary dinner (which Khair already help me find the tix), or go with Twins Fanclub? and on the 18th... should i go to Twins Fanclub BBQ, or like go trekking for charity? o_O" I want to go for all... but it seems like everything falls on the same day... and at the same time... wahahhaha... =___=" and den... sometimes it seems like some of the days are totally empty with no activities at all... hmmm.. o_O haizzz...

and more coincidentally... they all asked around the same time... mwahahhaha... i was toking to Clarice on MSN, den my mum went into my room and asked me... den Pearly smsed me, so it's like... o_O"

anyway... haven't given anyone any answer yet... mwahahhaa... but most probably it's either with my mum... or with Pearly... mwahahaha... *not becos of anything... but it's been a looong time since i went out with Pearly... really!! and den i'd most probably get a new phone if i go with my mum... HAIZ. why like that?!?!?!?!? Mr. Low's right... "Life is unfair" haha.
hmmmm o_O" O_O" i just changed my blog skin... and den created some new stuffs like wishlist... and one of my wish is to have a cold and heavy thunderstorm... and it just came true!! wahahaha... shouldn't have put "thunderstorm" cos the thunders were really loud... =_="... but anyway, thx God for making one of my wish come true... hehe... hmmm... maybe after the rain go around and see if i can spot a rainbow... hehehe haven't seen a real one in years!! haiz. I miss my primary school!! cos there used to be a spot where i always stand during assembly, and there's always a rainbow from my view... hmmm dunno why, but rainbows always seemed to appear on that certain part of the sky... hmmm o_O or is it my imagination? mwahhaha... cos i told my friends and pointed out the rainbow to them, but they dun really seem to be very interested... maybe they didn't see the rainbow... or maybe i was just imaginating it... arhhh... heck anyway.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

hmmm.. o_O" i've haven't blogged in a looong time... wahahhah ~___~V anyway... i kind of forgot what happened these few days, so i think i'd rather not blog about it.. wohohoho ^0^ just let this block of memories be lost forever... wahahahah okok...

hmmm... Pei Sin did not come to school today... haiz. =_=" wandered around the school aimlessly... met Clarice and Cheryl, met up with Xiumei to eat, went for lessons, and den it's back to wandering around again... hehe hmmm seemed to bump into friends for like every few mins of walking... okok... i'm in the lab now... waiting for the seminar to start... and i think i'm late... so byez!! wahahahah ^___^ *let's hope i bump into more friends again...* wohahhaha

Sunday, May 15, 2005

i wondered if anyone woke up early enough yesterday... and whether anyone watched the "King of Adventure" on channel U or 8 at ard 10am plus... hmmm... really nice show... hehe ^___^ showed some guys travelling around India (I think) , visiting villages, learning about their cultures, ride on sampan-like boats and encountering several aggressive crocodiles... and den when it was close to dusk, a villager told them that it was the best time to watch animals as the evening is the time where animals would come out and drink at lakes, etc. they were riding on elephants, and there were some really cute animals!! and den there were the "xi niu", the mother and it's child, resting and lazing on the grass after it's meal... the mother kind of sensed humans around and started to stand guard to protect her child... hehehe ^___^ hmmm... wish i was there... the whole thing seems so interesting!! but... towards the end of the show, when the guys need to leave the village to go for another destination... haiz. moments of separations again... T___T the guys met a young girl selling milk at the beginning of the show, formed a little bond between them and kind of couldn't bear to part one another in the end... as like what one of the guys said something like, "There are always separations in every part of our journeys... but be very sure that i would certainly come back here again, and there will always be a place in my heart for the places and people that i've met here." *is that what he said? is something like that larh anyway...*

hmmm... the show is abit like variety show, but also seems like documented show... wahahahha... cos they provide lots of details for everything that they came across!! ^_____^ now i know why some Indian women pierced their nose... learn what's the little yellowish-red dot on their foreheads for, learn how to see if crocodiles are aggressive, and finally know how a "xi niu" looks like... (and oh yarh... "xi nius" are severly short sighted!! and not to mention short temper too...wahahahha) hehehe ^___^ hmmm... wish i can wake up that early every Sat to watch this show... haha... but not every episode is like today's one... =_="

Sunday, May 08, 2005

mwahahaha... ^0^... went out with Twins fan club members to pub!! wohohoho... to celebrate our "the-sitting-on-chair-guy" *our chairman* 21st birthday... hehe... it was a small and cosy one opposite ikea... called something like "368" wahahha.. drinks were on him, so everyone was like drinking lots!! hehe... beer, chivas, tequila, and somemore i can't remembered the names of them... wohohoho... my drink was a pinky non-alcoholic drink called something like "Shirley Temple" hmmm... o_O" not sure about it's name... wahahaha... taste sour, but nice.. hee... ^__^ someone told me it's a mixture of lemon and some other stuffs... ^___^ i also tried something called the "pop", they said it's tequila pop? hmmm... wahahhaa my "da jie" kind of mix tequila and 7-up together... and den all of us were like "popping" together, and den gulping down that drink... hehehe... at 1st i was just trying out the taste... it's nice!! kind of sweet to me... so i asked for more, and den, i was like popping and again... hehehe hmmm...but the bottle finished up real fast... felt like drinking more... dunno why i just like the taste larh... hmmmm, oh yarh, but it tastes so different without the 7-up... it taste so bitter!! mwahahha... really *pei fu* my chairman when the others cheered him on to drink down the tequila at one go... i dunno what it's called, but the tip of the little cup was covered with salt, and there was a slice of lemon... hmmm... he was supposed to lick up all the salt, drink up at one go, and den put the lemon in his mouth... wohohohoho ^0^ his expression was real funny when he drank that... hehe he said it was "hot?" wohohoho ^0^
hmmm... my head is feeling a little weird now... =_=" but i'm definitely not drunk, cos i still can blog!! hohohoh ^0^

Thursday, May 05, 2005

hmmm... wohhohoho have lots of homework to do... and i haven't started on my marketing project, which has to be handed in tomorrow!! =_=" this is the result of lazing around instead of doing homework... wahahha... haiz.

today during dinner, i discussed some stuffs with my mother... wohohoho ^0^ asked her about how old she was when she met my dad... hmmm... den suddenly i just asked her if my brother has a girlfriend, and she said no... wohohoho actually that's not what my main purpose in asking her that, my main purpose was to... ask her if she minds homosexuality... mwahahaha... so i asked her if she thinks my brother is gay since he's 23 and still dun have a girlfriend... and she said, "Gay? gay better lorh, at least i dun have to vomit blood..." o_O" abit dun understand what she meant... so i said "hah?" and den she said, "Gay also nevermind marh, becos even if he has children next time, the children sir-name also won't be named after my sir-name." *diaoz* =_=" so that's her reason... for a moment i thought why she was so open-minded... wahahhaa... den i just said jokingly, "hmmm, wahahhaa... so what if kor kor is gay and den i'm lesbian? mwahahhaa..." but she din seemed to give any big reactions or something, since i can't remember what her reaction was... wahahhaa

wahahha... my grandma called a few days ago, asking if i wanted to join some buddhist club thingy, to chant sutras every Sunday with a group of people ard same age as me... wohohoho it doesn't seem that bad at all... wahahaha... afterall i've always been interested in those sutras... hehe haiz. suddenly i've got an urge to go become a nun... what they say about being void of earthly feelings and stuff... may not be that bad at all!! wahaha... but i can't give up eating food with meat arh... there are too much nice food out there le... wohohoho... oh yarh, and den my head is already polluted so i dun think any chanting will clear my mind off them wohohohoo... and my head dun look nice without any hair... *though it also dun look nice with hair* =_=" okokok, i'm just crapping here... trying to avoid doing my project... haiz. but still have to complete it by tonight somehow... sooo... wahahhaa nitez~

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

hmmm... whohoho... isn't this song nice? hehehe ^___^ i've changed the background song from "Journey" to "The Lost Children" by Michael Jackson... wahahhaa... wanted to put "Heal the World" but den, the starting of the song has a kid saying something... i figure out it will be quite scary if people visit here and den suddenly out of no where got someone talking... mwhahahah... haiz. ~____~V

oh yarh... my father paid a visit today... dunno why he suddenly want to visit my mother... wohohoho, but anyway, they were talking about some insurance stuff they he bought a few years back... hmmm after he went off, my mum said he's going to have an operation this friday, and Doc said it might be cancer... o_O" and den i suddenly had flashbacks, where i went Jurong Point some day last few weeks ago, and i went to visit him, and he said something about insurance too... hmmm... told me that he bought insurance for me and bro, so that if anything happens to him, at least we'd have something to back on... hmmm... haiz. didn't thought much of it that day... but anyway... just hope it isn't cancer...

when my dad came today, i took out my cam and began taking pics and videos of him... mwahahhahaa though my cam dun have much memory, i just took so many, den store into com, den take again, store into com again... wohohohoh ^0^ he was amused by why i would want to take pics of him mwahahhaa... actually i was trying to take pictures of his eyes... i like my father's eyes... it's kind of special.. wahahaha... his eyes are like grey grey and den a tint of green at the bottom!! so nice!! i asked my mum if it the colour of his eyes were caused by smoking, and she said no, and that his eyes were like this from the time she knew him... hmmm... o_O" i told my mum that my father eyes was really nice!! and how come my eyes not like that... wahahaahhaa, but she says/thinks that those eyes are like those drug addicts... =_=" *really meh...* oh yarh by the way my dad is colour blind... wohohoho ^0^ he sees green as red and red as green... o_O" maybe that explains why he always got into motorbike accidents in the past wohohho ^0^V haiz. i miss the times where he always give me rides on his motorbike... =_=" oh yarh... out of so many pics that i took, only 2 can see abit of his eye colour... hmmm... couldn't take good pics, and i also dunno why... whahahaha ~____~V

here it is!! my dad's eyes... wohohoho ^0^ hmmm but not very obvious from pictures arh... looks nicer face to face.. hehe haiz!! i wished i had this kind of colours for my eyes!! green is nice... hehe
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sunday, May 01, 2005

ermmm... okay, this is very raw... i just wrote all of it down at one go, so it's like not in order and really needs some rephrasement... but anyway, here goes... wohohoho ^0^V

it's a bonus to be with my friends
all my time i can give to you
but would you treat me as a friend
the insecurities you've brought to me
do i feel like i belong
do i even belong
your dreams are too high and big
to me, i could only fantasize
i don't breathe the same air as you do
what makes me think that i'm good enough for you
this kind of introvert feeling that i have
will only bring me more bitterness

if only i could open my heart, my eyes
and follow what my dreams would lead me to

the road of life that we're riding
will always come to a cross-road
and when the time comes for us to go our own way

Promise me, you'll never forget me

This is the *re-vamped* one.... wahahaha ^___^ hope it sounds/expressed better... hehe

Getting to know you are my blessings from heaven
Having time to spend with you is a bonus
I can give you all the time in the world i have
All i asked for are friends who treats me right

This feeling that i have... i don't need more insecurities
Do i feel like i belong, do i even belong

Your dreams, your visions are all too high and big for me
I can't reach for them, so all i could do was fantasize

I don't breathe the same air as you do
What makes me think that i'm good enough for you
I'm an introvert, and this brings me more bitterness

If only i could open my heart, my eyes
And follow what my dreams may lead me to
This road that we're gonna take
Will always come to a cross-roads one day
And when the time comes for us to go our own ways

Promise me, you'll never forget me. (May our roads meet again)