Wednesday, June 29, 2005

hmmm... just some thoughts about a movie... wohohoho

hmm... want to tok about the Jap movie "Be With You"... i think it's nice!! dunno why 8 days always seem to under rate movies tt i like... especially Twins movies!! always say bad things about them... >_<" anyway... this Jap movie is real sad... but i din cry though... almost only... wahahhaa hmm... read another review of this movie yesterday from The New Paper... at least better!! mwwahahha the person gave 4 stars!! ^___^ and said that the whole 118 min of the shows justifies the $8 ticket, and that there's no part which ejects us from our seats~~ hehehe i think this movie is... dunno how to say wahahaha... it's just nice... have lots of different feelings that i got when watching it, different parts of the movie gives me different feeling wahahah... hmmm how to describe? it's like a "Feel Stimulator"!! wahahah okok... not sure if anyone understands or not... but some parts gave a happy fairytale feeling, den some parts are sweet!! i can feel the sweetness on my skin man!! wahahahah okok... haiz. i wanna watch it one more time!! anyone wants to watch with me? i really really want to watch again... although some ppl may think it's boring... haha... haiz. i remembered tt day i watch with Pearly and PQ, den when the show ended... on the way out of the cinema... i actually saw many ppl still sitting on their seats, den still crying!! wahaha... a tissue on their hands, wiping off the tears... sliently!! it's like slient crying... ~_~V hmmm... 8 days said the movie felt like eternity... well i hope the movie goes on forever!! haha okok... some last words for this movie... actually i liked the movie because it's like a "normal people" story... (although there's this time travelling thing..) but what was really interesting and nice (to me larh) was when they showed how the two people first met in sec sch, and how they liked each other but did not dare initiate anything... and den after graduation, each carried on with their own lives for years... but at the same time, both still thinking about each other, and until one day, something happens... okok... i dun really want to type out the whole thing... wahahaha kind of normal love story... and touches ones' heart... OKOK it touches my heart!! and some other ppl's heart too... haha

PS: the lead actor and actress got married (to each other, of cos) after filming this movie... ^___^

Sunday, June 26, 2005

yesterday was really funny~ wohohoho ^0^ wahahaha ^__^ mwahAHAHAHHAHAAH okok... it's not good to make others laugh at the expense of your good friend you know... ~___~V

okok... haha... shan't talked about the details... hehe ^__^ except that ALP seems really unlucky yesterday.. hehe *well no one can get lucky sitting beside me...* haha... it seems i always bring bad luck to those near me... mwahahhaa hmmm... went swimming yesterday.. hehe we chat quite alot!! about Gackt, about girls and guys, about the rain, about the birds... *uh-hmm* about the trees, about the lifeguards... lol... haha thx ALP for saying tt it has been a long time since you felt so relax... hehe tt means that going out with me you'll feel relaxed and happy rite? hohoho makes me feel so much appreciated mwahahhaha ^___^ okok... dun wan be bhb... anyway... faster buy a new swimwear and let's go bb swimming complex this coming thurs leh... ^__^ i haven't play enough with the water!! =____="

hmm... after swim... we went KFC for our meal... and like spent dunno how long over there... 2 or 3 hours i think? haha... den it's already like 5pm... after tt, went JP walk walk... visited my father... EXTORT some money from him... hohoho hmmm but he dun seem to have any money... haha den took MRT to Orchard to meet Cheryl... felt so sleepy =_=" had dinner at Crystal J. ... hmmm had some noodles arh... i was expecting a really big bowl of noodles... but den when it was served... hmmm o_O" you can say i wasn't full.. wahahaha...

on the way home in the train, i saw... hmm... cannot remember his name!! =X whoops!! now tt i'm blogging... i just remembered tt i forgot his name!! haha hmmm someone who used to work at Sports C. too... haha it seems he also quit the job already mwahahah

okok... today is Sunday... and a really lazy sunday!! dun feel like staying at home... but also dun feel like going out... haiz. if only someone had invented a magic door, den when i go thru the door, i'll get to another place!! haha maybe Waterfall Village? hohoho den i can sit on the swing the whole day, listen to the sound of waterfall, watch the cows eat grass, watch the dog lick it's paws... and den when it's dinner time, can set up a fire and cook soup... mushroom soup!! hehe and den ride the bicycle around and invite friends from other villages to come and eat dinner with me... and den after dinner we can bathe in the waterfall, and dive inside, swim all the way to the underwater world where somebody lives... hohoho okok... this is all NOT GOING TO COME TRUE so i'd better stop day dreaming... haha

oh yarh!! my toe nail finally came out mwahahhha the newer nail has started growing liao... hehe a brand new fresh baby toe nail!! hohoho my dislocated toe nail is for sale!! anybody wants to buy? have my DNA!! hehe you can make it into a fossil and den pretend like it's a dinosaur nail... mwahahhaha... oh shit!! i really need to shit... so have to stop crapping now and go toilet!!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

^___^ eat~~ watch movie~ "Be with you" eat again~ wander around~ Neoprints~ eat again~ shop~ eat again~ wahahaha that's how i spent my Friday this week~ with PQ and Pearly!! ^___^ okok... haha just wanner say that "Be with you" is a nice movie... ^__^ on the outside it seems boring... but actually it's really... dunno how to descibe... haha nice correct liao larh... haha at first it's confusing... cos the story is like "huh? o_O?" but at the end, everything is explained... ^__^ and i like it!! won't describe the movie further in case others wants to watch... and den later i spoil it all for them.. =_=" hmmm... haiz... if only... hmmm nvm nvm.. mwahhaha

tml shall go swim/play with water with ALP... anybody wants to come...? haha i think more ppl more fun arh.. haha ^__^ will be there in the morning till afternoon... jurong one... ^__^ come come!! den we play slides and laze around on the floats together hehe ^__^ haiz. tml and sunday is the last day of holiday b4 sch starts... and den school all the way until exams... O_O" so better enjoy the last few hours b4 going back to prison!! ^__^

Monday, June 20, 2005

i'm so tired!!! god darn tired!! =__=" have been running around since Friday... wahahhaa... ~___~V okie... here is the *brief* blog of 3 days... (dun blame me if you dun understand what i'm toking abt... cos my brain is feeling blabberish now.. mwahahah hmm... what's blabberish anyway? aiyah cannot think of any word to describe correct liao larh..) went swimming at 830am with Marlene on Friday morning... den went for K-lunch, after that went back sec sch cos Marlene wanna get back her O lvl cert... den after that was wandering and walking round bukit batok... went to J8 ard 6 or 7 plus hmmm can't remember.. =_=" bought some socks so tt i can make wristbands to sell the next day... after that went to Sun Plaza... wanted to get the Twins stuffs from da jie... but she was sick... so went home instead... reached home, make some wristbands immediately and fell asleep immediately too... mwahhaha

woke up at 9am (Saturday) to pack stuffs to sell at Chinatown with my auntie... actually, it was with my aunties, uncles, cousins and a whole lot of ppl!! haha it's more like a family picnic eh... wahahhaa... had the *famous* char kway teow for lunch... i guess it's famous cos my uncle said so... ^0^ and we had to wait for like 30 min before it was served!! haha but it was real nice~ the char kway teow uncle added cockles like it was free!! i could have easily counted more den 10 to 15... hmmm... left chinatown around 5pm, went to meet TAS friends and took a taxi from PS to East Coast where we were having BBQ... i wondered who cooked the chicken wings... cos they were great!! never ate so nice chicken wings b4!! esp for BBQ!! haha hmm... oh yarh... the guys bought red wine, and they kind of used red wine on the food instead of butter.. mwahahhaa... couldn't really taste the wine though... haiz... felt really tired!! had wanted to go home... but the last train was like gone... so waited for *ex-boss* and zell... finished everything there before we took a taxi home... had wanted to stay overnight there with the rest... but had to reach grandma's house at 8am the next day... and anyway, was really really really tired... reached home at around 2am, slept str away like a pig until 4 hours later (Sunday) woke up and prepared to go grandma house...

reached grandma's house at 745am... =_=" waited for the bus... and den we went to the *Lao Ren Yuan*... hmmm okay... so this time is not as boring as last week... at least this week i got to go to the Lao Ren Yuan and do something... haha pushed some elderly from their canteen to the hall, most of them were on wheelchairs... i think about 9 out of 10 were on wheelchairs!! den after that, there were some performances to entertain the elderlys... hehe the most cute ones were two little boys who sang Lao Shu Ai Da Mi!! wahahhaa so young, and they were like Pro already... mwahhahah ^___^ hmm... after the visit, went back home... and darn!! i was really exhausted from the past 3 days activities... haha... the moment i lie on my bed, i could feel my backbone were really *suan* and i just dun wan to get up anymore... wahahhaha the feeling of fatigue... tired... but nice when i can finally sleep for a full 8 hours... wohohoho ^0^

okay... so now it's Monday... and it's back to a *sudden stop* again... where there's nothing to do... mwahahah... and den on Friday again, all the activities back again... out with Pearly!! and PQ!! mwahahhaha oh yarh Lay Peng arh... when u wanna go out with me? my hols ending le leh... can we go swimming? i wanna go the Jurong one eh... hehe ^__^ reply thru sms asap arh...

Monday, June 13, 2005

hmmm... what can i say? o_O" woke up yesterday at 6am by my mother... cos my grandma called and asked/ordered/demanded me to reach her house by 8am... for the Buddhist Club thing... haiz. and i thot she forgot about it already!! well i was hoping she'll forgot abt it... mwahahhaa... so i went there... saw my little cousin... and my aunt... hmm... she seems to know that i dun wanna go join the Buddhist Club thing... cos she whispered to me when grandma was in the kitchen: "I know u dun wan to go rite? it's boring!! tell me, from the bottom of ur heart!! MWAHAHAHAH follow me to chinatown and sell things larh" o_O" wahahha.. haiz... i wanted to follow my aunt to Chinatown... she had rented a space down there, something like what Clarice said about like renting a space in Clarke Quay and selling stuffs there... except it's cheaper at $30 for 2 days... haiz. but already agreed grandma tt i'll go for the Buddhist club thing... haiz.

SO... i went to meet the Buddhist Club youths... (I was in the youth group...) most of them young ppl like me... they were playing basketball, and i have to say, one look at those people and u won't ever believe they were in the Buddhist Club... mwahahha they look like ur typical *chao ta* basketball players... =_=" and the girls, they look like those gentle girls with fair skin and pony tails and such... hmmm *what was i doing there?!?!* T___T anyway... the males were more friendly... i tried to smile at the girls everytime our eyes met, but they dun seem that interested in making friends though... haiz. it was totally boring... =_=" if not for my grandma, i wouldn't have gone for this... >_<" thx goodness it ended soon... and they said next week we're gonna go an elderlys' home... visit them and stuff... err tt's not bad... but it feels just so weird hanging out with ppl i dunno... T___T AHHHHH WHY DID GRANDMA CHOSE ME?! can't she choose my brother instead... =_=" i can't imagine every sunday... hanging out with them... feeling awkward all the way... T___T save meeee... haiz

hmmm... after the Buddhist club thing... went to another place with my grandma... also Buddhist thing one... but more of adults... this time, i had to do some prayers... not really sure how it's done... and den, grandma revealed tt i was actually *chose* or how shld i say, i was *something something* by a higher level of *someone* when i was a baby, and tt's why i had to come? hmmm... not sure... o_O" but there was someone who explained to me about this whole thing... ^x^" quite interesting larh... haha.. actually it felt abit like persuading me to be a nun... ~_~V *j/k j/k..* mwahahhaa... hmmm but it's really interesting though... i've learnt some stuff, but i'm not supposed to reveal them... it's top secret!! haha... learnt a whole new perspective of how to look at other religions too... i was surprised tt the person actually explained to me about Jesus!! for a moment i thot she wanna make me a christian, when i was at a buddhist club o_O? anyway... she revealed something tt make me *eyes wide open* cos i din realise it b4, and now i do, i guess no matter which religion we belong to, we are all the same actually... hehe *I FEEL ENLIGHTENED~* >_<" but STILL, i really dun wanna go for the Buddhist Youth Club every sunday... T___T" waaaaaahhhh...

oh yarh... after the whole morning of the club thing... went to visit my aunt at chinatown... hehe not bad!! the space was really big!!! i ended up buying a little Magic Box from her for $0.20... hehehhe ^___^ and den... i took a TAXI myself for the 1st time... to rush down to the airport to send W off... haha hmmm but she'll be back in 2 months... =_=" kinda feel *heart break* for my $13 ride... T__T... and after 5 min of seeing W, she had to go on board... after that, went to Cini to have dessert with Pearly and PQ... hehe... kept calling PQ *Pei Sin*!! guess i was used to calling Pei Sin these days in school... hahahahah... OH YARH!! and something to end off with... PQ saw one of my pic in Friendster... and it turns out that... SHIYA was her SCHOOLMATE in primary sch!!! mwahahahha LOL okokok... is my reaction too OVER? o_O? i think i going to get send off to the asylum soon...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

hmmm... =_=" what should i do today? o_O" O_o" @_@ i wanna go JB... =_="

Friday, June 10, 2005

finally projects are done... ^___^ hmm... 2 weeks holidays is here... but dunno why i dun feel happy at all... not that i want to go to school anyway. All i feel is a sense of relief. haiz. I miss going out with ALP cos i can be so natural with her ^0^ i'm not trying to say anything arh!! wahahah but going out with her is the best!!! ^___^ Everything I do, everyword i say, we have so much to tok about... heez~ hmmm feel so energetic whenever's she's around!! so.. ALP ALP ALP!!! when are you free??? let's go out eh... i miss walking from YISS to the MRT... hahaha and eat and drink and fool around for the 30 min walk... hmmm o_O too bad we graduated already... or else we'll still be happily living simple lives~

oh yarh!! toking about going out... long time since i've gone out with Feve too... ehehehe hmmm... i just realised something... o_O out of my bestest of best friends, ALP is the one tt i can tok to about everything... and Feve is the only one who can make me feel at ease when shopping, and also the only one who can try to make me wear a skirt!! mwahahahaha ^___^ *oops* As for Marlene... hmmm... maybe we've been separated for too many years... the bond is getting thinner like you said... and i guess we all changed pretty much... but still, Marlene's the most simplest and *traditional* girl~ hehehe

hmmmm o_O" why am i toking about friends suddenly... mwahahhaa... maybe i should do up a "Weird Friends List" just like what ALP did in Feb... hehehe... OH YARH!! this is her post in Feb... (scroll down to 15th Feb) anyone free to read? you can try to guess which one's me~~ hehehe really hilarious descriptions of her friends... hehehe oh yarh... and PQ if you are reading this... your are in one of her weird friends list too!! hehe so try to guess which one is yours!!! hee hee ^___^

Note: to friend no.6 in ALP's weird friends list... (if you ever find my blog and read) i wonder how's you... you are the first serious horse lover i met, who's half german and chinese... and really sorry about that letter, cos i had a part in it... ^x^ if it's the letter which made you cry, sorry. But!! though i'm sorry if it made you cry, but i'm also not sorry abt it... cos you really make me lose control during tt time u were really unreasonable... >_<" but anyway, i wish you all the best... and hope we'll meet again someday!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Pam sent me an e-mail!!! so happy!!!~ ^_____^ just when i'm feeling down... here comes a ray of sunshine!!! mwahahaha ^______^

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

haiz. i'm gonna break down one of these days. stayed up real late last night to do the ICT lab powerpoint... den this morning woke up and my mum said she went to the doctor and doc told her tt her blood pressure is way too HIGH, she might have a stroke anytime now, and she needs to go to the A&E at Tan Tock Seng immediately... so i skipped Biz Law, took taxi to hosiptal, waited hours worriedly for her to come out of observatory room... and thank god she's fine now... *phew*

so took taxi to school for ICT Lab presentation... and 5 minutes before the presentation, my grp members have not done the powerpoint yet... cos they din receive my email attachment... =_=" so in the end, it feels like everything was done by me... =_="

but anyway, lucky mr. Tan seems pleased with "our" work... mwhaahhaha... *PHEW~*

gonna go for biz finance tutorial next... darn!! what a busy and nerve wrecking day!!

and oh great. i failed my biz finance ICA 1 by 3.5 marks... =_=" and it's 15%!!! T___T haiz.

what's next...? =_="

i gonna skip ICT today... really have no more mood for lessons.
ahhh~ really nice lorry ride!! after dropping by Jiayang's Bday party, took a ride to yishun on her relative's lorry... hehehe ^___^ really nice ride... though the wind was like gonna blow off my hair anytime soon... hmmm... really long time since i've took a ride on a lorry in Singapore!!! hmmmz... o_O" i just remembered i stopped taking rides on my uncle's lorry after my mum told me it's illegal... O_o" now that i think of it, i think she's just bluffing me and stopping me from sitting at the back of the lorry... =_=" haiz.

almost done with ICT lab powerpoint... left abit more leaving it to the rest of my members tml... mwahahhaha...

hmmmm... "o_O O_o" haiz. 2 more projects... aiming to complete them by Wednesday!! YES!! i have to complete them by WEDNESDAY!!! or else i won't be able to do other things on thursday and friday... =_="

Monday, June 06, 2005

hmmmz... i think i slept for 15 hours? wahahaha... slept at 2am last night... den i woke up this morning at 9am, ate breakfast and watched Tv, den sleep again!! till lunch time, den i ate some chocolates, den dunno why, i fell asleep again until dinner time... hmmm... =_=" whole day sleeping thru... haiz.

oh yarh... i scanned thru stuffs in my com just now... and den remembered about the National Education essay that i wrote... i wrote two versions... mwhahaha

this is the 1st version that i wrote, which is more personalised one.. (i handed in the other version wahhaha):

hmmm... it's abit weird arh... but anyway... since i din hand in this one, so i thot i post it here and let ppl read... wahahahhaha... WARNING: mostly rubbish... *to some people* so if no time pls dun read... wohohoho ^0^"