Saturday, September 25, 2004

soooo tired again!!! wahaha... today i was supposed to go out with my bunch of sec sch friends to "walk walk" and watch Dodgeball in the evening, but i ended up with only one of them... haha ^___^ both of us planned to join the rest later in the day, but den we changed the plan and ended up spending the day, just the two of us... wahahahah ^___^ to me, it was fine, but to her i think it was disastrous... 1st, we planned to eat steamboat... DEN, we cancel that plan becos we couldn't decide on where to eat... NEXT, we thought of watching New Police Story... DEN, we cancel that plan again becos if we were watching midnight movie, i would have to stay overnight at her house... (notthatidunwant,butthesefewdaysialwayscomehomelatesoithinkmymother
wouldkillmeifitoldheriwuntbehomefor thenite...) waaahaha... NEXT, we got a sudden craving for the Tom Yum Noodle at JP... but DEN, it was too late at 945pm, the stalls has already closed... NEXT, we gave up and planned to settle down for 7-Eleven's Cup noodles... which she reccommends the chilli crab favor... BUT, we couldn't find any 7 eleven stores around...(we were at Jurong East to buy Nurina's bday present...) >_<" *piangz* from steamboat to cup noodles to nothing at all... now thinking about it, maybe it's quite a disaster afterall... wahahaha >_<"

actually, all these things happen to me frequently, so i dun really mind... wahahahah... but i think she was really pissed off!! she even joke that maybe it's retribution for "bang seh-ing" our friends earlier on... hehe... for me, it was good enough just to get to be with her for one whole dayyyy~~ heehee ^___________^
sooooo tired!! now is past midnight... ish 25th sept... ish CHERYL's birthday!!! wahahaha!!! happi birthday wor!! hehe... hope she'll get whatever she wish for... ^_____^* oh yar... the day b4 yesterday was Mel's birthday!! so happi birthday to Mel too... wahahahha ^___^

hmmmm... what else is there to write... hmmm haahh... i think nothing else ba... errr... so next time den blog... wahahaha hmmmm maybe i shld renovate my blog le wor... very plain... hehe ^_^

Friday, September 17, 2004

hihi... here to blog again... wahahhaha!! i did something to my blog... try right-clicking on this webpage anywhere... got see anything? wahahaahaha!!! is this irritating? i went to someone's blog just now, and she also has this thing... but hers was far much more irritating den mine!! can you imagine? i have to click "ok" dunno how many thousand times b4 the whole thing was over... i show you some examples of hers when i right-clicked on her webpage...:

"hey! hello! welcome 2 my blog..."

"thx for visting!!"

"leave a tag anytime soon!!"

"oh yeah, pls dun right-click here..."

"all my stuff are copyrighted..."

"took me a long time to set up..."

"so pls dun steal ok?"

"next time remember dun right click..."

(after clicking dunno how many times of "OK")

"so why do you right-click anyway?"

"see, i told u not to right-click rite?"

(blah blah)

"hey, why are u clicking on the "OK' button so quickly"

"pls read all the words before clicking on "OK"...

"hey!! no manners!! why didn't u read b4 clicking on "OK" button?!"

i know i shouldn't have right-clicked on her webpage... especially when she put a huge sign which wrote, "Please dun right-click on me"...but couldn't resist the temptation... wahahaha... in the end, i just ctrl+alt+del and shut down the Internet Explorer... hehehhe ^___^

Monday, September 13, 2004

here is a song/ poem/ whateverucallit that i wrote, using thoughts that came to my mind while on the way back home from work today... wahaha... hope ya all like it wor...


waiting for the bus, i kept thinking of you
listening to F.I.R's songs recalled a thought,
now that we are on different paths,
why didn't i tell you how i felt earlier

sitting in the bus, waiting to reach my destination
realising why i took the bus instead of the shorter way,
just to pass by your house to see if your lights are still on,
and a chance to catch a glimpse of you

my life is changing, everything's changing
i need you but where have you gone?
i want to be with you, but i'm sure
that u are not what i hoped u to be...

halfway in the journey, i saw the bus u always take
believing you were in there, my eyes never once look away
in the end, it's all just a hope and only my dream to believe,
for you never took that bus again ever since we graduated

i can no longer stand my life,
without you and everything messed up
if i could turn back the time
i would have said "i love you"

if i could turn back time, i would have,
change back everything that should have been

nice nice? it's every thought that i captured while on the whole journey... wahaha... but dun ask me who it is... can't tell you... >_<" actually, if anyone reads really carefully, this thing is not really very well written, more like writing a diary... wahaha... it's one whole chunk of thoughts that i remembered in the bus... den broke into small parts...

Saturday, September 11, 2004

naaaaR!! naaaaR!! who say i never update... now i'm updating lo... wahahaha... but i very tired leh... today 7am wake up, go soccer till 3pm, den go work till 9pm... wah seh, now come back liao...

haiz... how come nowadays i'm feeling something is not right... wahahah... ish either i'm too sensitive, or something is really not right, anywayz, i'm gonna sleep now wahahaha... see? i updated already OK?! wahahha... update another time lo... wahahah nitez