Monday, October 31, 2005

i've finally watched All About Love... T_________________T and it's damn so the bloody sad... and by bloody, i also meant literally... wahahah... *spoiler* ah sa vomitted so much blood!!* omg.. she's like choking on them.. and while she's choking on blood, i was choking on my tears... lol..

OK... the saddest part was not becos ah sa died. the saddest part? it's almost through out the whole show... just watch it larh... haha i guess it's partly about the feeling of regret which makes ppl feel it's sad..

but on the other hand, there were funny parts too.. mwahahah and dun need to say, these parts mostly appear when charlene appears... hohoho her job everytime always seem to brighten up a movie!! hohoho there was a part which was supposed to make the audience feel sad... but somehow Pei Sin and i felt it was a little funny though... the part.. where... *spoiler* ah sa had a car accident, and they showed the r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w motion of the impact of the accident on charlene.. LOL!! sorry... and also *spoiler* the part where andy lau fell down.. OUCH!! it's too dramatic larh... ~__~V

BUT!! B-U-T it's a nice movie.. hehe *yarh, any movie with ah sa or gill is nice* hohoho ^0^ hmmm i think they've chosen the right ppl to act in the show... Charlie Young seems to look like Charlene in certain angles...

OKOK!! enough about *my* review... wohohoho ^0^ i WILL watch it AGAIN!! ASAP!! can't wait to watch it again!! >_<"

oh yarh... *spoiler* i still can't keep the kissing scene out of my mind... WHY did HE KISS CHARLENE for so LONG??? i thought it was just a short one... and den it seems like never ending... inside my mind, i was like, "HIS TONGUE!! HIS TONGUE!! get his tongue out of Charlene!! *FAINTS* @__@" oh well... but he IS Andy Lau... and Charlene said she won't have any regrets in life anymore since she've kissed Andy Lau.. =__=" omg. i'm going to close my eyes during the kissing part if i watch the show again.

okok... here is the 5 weird facts about me which Pei Qin has 'infected' me...

1. .. ..... ... ..

ok.. i can't really think of any at the moment... lol... shall think of what are the 5 facts and post it down later... hohoh..

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Heaven is not in a good mood tonight... cos those flashes from lightnings penetrates not only thru my dark window, but also the curtains!! and with those howlings winds... =__="

My aunt was just telling me to close my window... and i told her, "got no rain coming in yet." right after i said this, the wind decides to change it's direction and blow at me, thus, i've got a sudden splaasshh of rainwater on my face. Yes. right on my face... lol.. *wiping my specs with T-shirt* hoho...

anyway... while the thunder was Thunder-ing away, i decided to write something again... hohoho... and yes, it's in Chinese again... so have to view in UTF-8 again... mwahaha... haiz. just another kind of typical things i write. o_O i never seem to get new ideas... but anyway... just post la... hehe lazy to read? neber mind!! haha cos i dun expect anyone to read too... hohoh ~___~V BUT!! just in case!! if there's any bored souls passing by.. =X


曾经你说过 时钟好慢好慢 像在月亮飞

你 总是往着 天空 发呆

也许你觉得 活着是种浪费

现在一切正常 太正常


*好矛盾 给我时间了解

看着我 让我知道时间没有让你忘了我
千里的距离 不会就这样的
使我们 疏远

以后的话题 是否每一个字 都需先想清楚

我 总是望着 靠近 寻你

或者我觉得 活着是种浪费

终于变回正常 太正常

我却否认 已经不再喜欢

Repeat *

怎么你 一句都不说
想不通 为何只有我 先想着你
我... 终于累了 没力气 再来过

Monday, October 24, 2005

(view in UTF-8)

下雨的时候 总是带回某些回忆
被刺痛的感觉 谁比较痛
The rain seems to fall harder on me

每一滴泪水 背后都有悲伤故事
被误会的感觉 是否更痛
Your words are the reason for my tears

你看不到泪水 没发现谁心碎
别让我爱着你 却是一种后悔

(to be contd' =X) ^0^

Sunday, October 23, 2005

i started my first week of TEP with a BBQ on Sunday night... and i ended my first week of TEP on Fri night with... a BBQ again... mwahhaha this time is Feve's sis birthday... hohoho ^__^ Happy Birthday to Rachel!! *i think tt's her name if i'm not wrong... ~___~V*

Yesterday was SLEEPING day!!... can't believe i slept thru the day... waking up at 12pm only to eat lunch, den sleep again until 6pm to have dinner... den watch some TV, den sleep again until today morning... ^0^ i feel so tired sleeping so looong!! =__="

today... can't make up my mind whether or not to go out... and tt's why i'm still here blogging.... hmmm maybe i'll just go somewhere to walk around... i've been breathing the stuffy air in my room too much!! just a little bit somemore and i'll fall asleep again.. -___-

hmmm... where should i go for a walk? o_O causeway pt? queensway? needa send something to these 2 places.. but a lil lazy... HAIZ tml start TEP again!! =________=" i think of it only i want to vomit... OKOK i better stop here cos i'm crapping again... =_=

by the way... Twins is coming on the 4th of Nov!! hehe for 933FM awards... this is gonna be the first time tt i'm spending money just to see them... hehehe $60... T___T $60... wei le Twins... $600 also can!! ^___^V darn i'm broke.

Monday, October 17, 2005

mwahahah... yesterday has been one great interesting, scary day/night!! mwahahha.. hehe

TAS BBQ!! Happy Birthday to Da Jie.. hehe was raining the whole day yesterday... so we cooked the food on the stool/
bench/chair/whatever... i dunno how to describe... mwahaha.. (by placing an aluminium tray on top...) was cooking halfway when suddenly the men/guards on patrol passed by us... and den... they stopped their vehicle... den looked at us... den the rest is history... wohohoho =X

after we were ordered to remove our *cooking pans*, there were smoke from the wooden stool/bench/chair!! it was too dark, so couldn't really see the damage done... until when the guards were gone, sherman took a pic of the chair with flash... and thru his digital cam... we saw how bad the damage actually was... the top part of the wooden chair was totally black!! most part of it was like peeled off, really chao tah already... =X i think a fine will be issued real soon... ~___~V but hopefully it would just be a warning letter instead... =X what a day it was... but still... the chilli/belachan stingray was very very very very GOOD!! all credits to "Student" hehehe.. ^___^ it must be hard work for her to prepare this BBQ!!
I'm in CC2 now... lecturers are briefing the leaders... so i'm blogging!! hehe... suddenly, i miss Pei Sin and Xiu mei they all... .. .

last time when having classical i miss clarice and grp, now i miss pei sin mwahahahah... .. .

i like my new friends though, no complaints about them hehe =)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My TEP has started!! one week earlier den the rest... cos got training first... =__=" these past 2 days... 've been sitting like for the whole day in a room (except lunch break)... den listening to a Ms E talk about what we're supposed to do... mwahahha... for the first day, still quite okay... quite interesting... den today... at first quite okay... den until the calculations for the hotel accomodation part... from there, my mind just went blank. Couldn't get anything else she said into my head!! i thought i was going to die mwahahah cos it's like dunno how many hours in there... Ms E would have explained if i asked her... but did not ask la... mwahhaha... if she's going to explain again, i think she will die of dehyration... =X

HOIZ!! anyway... it's not 7 weeks, it's 9 weeks la!! the same as the Round 1 TEP students marh... i wonder how it's like when we really start to receive calls and serve customers... i can imagine me making all the mistakes possible already seh...

OH YARH!! and there's 3 days in my timetable... where i have to *run around*... morning will be at TW, den afternoon at NYP... for 3 days every week!! and den... there's the friday which... in between which i was supposed to go back to school... and i only have like 30 min allowance?!?! how am i supposed to like reach sch in half an hr from Tanjong Pagar?!?! Fly there? Teleport there? if i take taxi for tt every friday... den the little salary i get won't be even enough if i work 10 years... =X okok... exgerrated la...

hoiz hoiz. 2 months holiday over really fast.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Get well soon, Shamimi!! i dunno what else to say but, Get Well Soon!!
[Tears to Shed]

If I touch a burning candle I can feel the pain.
If you cut me with a knife it's still the same.
And I know her heart is beating and I know that I am dead.
Yet the pain that I feel - try and tell me it’s not real.
And it seems I still have a tear to shed.
If I touch a burning a candle I can feel no pain.
In the ice or in the sun it's all the same.
Yet I feel my heart is aching. Though it doesn’t beat, it’s breaking.
Yet the pain that I feel - try and tell me it’s not real.
I know that I am dead - yet it seems that I still have some tears to shed…

-Corpse Bride (Helena Bonham)


i want to watch corpse bride again... T___T

i like the music in it!! the Victor's solo on the piano, and the duet piano with the corpse bride... and also the "Tears to shed" by the corpse bride... T___T only found the samples for these music... wonder if i could find the soundtrack... o_O ahhhh soo nice!! the music!! i think i gonna watch it again, den record the music secretly with my mp3!! =X oops!! wahahah...

----- ----- -----

my week schedule for next week is... only working on Friday and Sunday... o_O" only working 2 days!! but not for long... cos PJ sent me a sms... as usual =_=", asking me if i'm free to work on mon and tues as well. i got a feeling she'll sms me again to ask if i'm free to work on wed, thurs and sat also... wahhaha hmmph... i need to cut my hair!! cos i can't seem to see customers!! cos my hair is blocking my eyes... actually i can see them, but is they cannot see me... wahahah o_O O_o

----- ----- -----

waahhhh... i dun want to work at Suntec tml... i dun even know where the shop is!! just thinking about walking all the way to suntec city makes me feel like vomitting already... i think i have to go an hour earlier to find the shop... arrggghhHHHH... and den... have to make new friends again cos i dunno who the IC over there is... on Friday, i'll be at West Mall... >_<" again, have to make new friends cos i dunno who the IC over there is... and on Sunday... i'll be over at Jurong Pt... WTH!! why put me at my father there... how am i going to go thru 9 hours for these 3 days?!?! >_<" omigoooo... T___T" i hope the ICs won't be fierce... (hmmm... but M told me that i just need to say i'm my father's daughter, and they'll all treat me with respect... o_O" suddenly feel like a mafia's daughter...) but of cos i won't tell them larh... *anyone's father who has dyed his hair red, wear thick necklaces and huge rings...?* no rite?! looks like loanshark ehhh!!! >_<" i can recognise him in a crowd instantly becos of his poky flamy hair... hoiz. but i like his eyes... his eyes!! Dk said his eyes look like ghost... but i like!! Grey and green colour... >_<" why wasn't those genes passed on to me? o_O"

----- ----- -----

M lent me VCDs!! wohohoho ^0^ dun have to buy le... hehe it's a korean drama called Full House... =__=" she says it's funny... wahahha but... when can i watch it?! like no off days till... =__="

----- ----- -----

Some craps here...

've been having dreams again lately!! *err actually i have dreams every night* but these dreams are super nice!! cos it's errr... comforting? wahahha... dunno how to say... but anyway, these dreams make my day!! errr night!! err day!! wahahah whatever.. description of the dreams? hmmm... o_O" i'm not a pervert like ALP... *oops!!* wahhaa... okok... but it's also abit *yucky* to some... cos... i had dreams of ppl hugging me!! hehehe okok so i dun really like ppl hugging me in real life, *except for some ppl...* but dunno why, i like to get hugged in my dreams!! hohoho ^0^ *err well okay i admit there's not only hugs la...* BUT!! it feels real!! BUT again... i dunno who the ppl in my dreams are... i dunno who they are... can't regconise them though i can see their faces... o_O"

other den these hugging *and more* dreams... i also have some weird but nice dreams... like... dunno why but i dreamt of Shi Xin Hui!! the runner-up for girls in Project Superstar... o_O so weird rite? i shld be dreaming of Kelly since i like her more... hmmm... but i dreamt of Xin Hui... and... she was in my house!! and she ate dinner with me!! we ate seafood which my mum cooked!! *hmm.. o_O hey but my mum dunno how to cook seafood...* wahaha... we were like slurping and munching crabs, lobsters, fishes, and... hmmm... there's this one weird part... where i did not dare to eat this weird sea-creature, and Xin Hui just use a knife to chop off on part of the meat... and den blood like splurt out... and den i scream, and den Xin Hui just munch onto that bloody meat... but there were subtitles in my dreams, and that sea-creature was something spelt like Sea-Aneamon or something larh... wahahha... err... this is not counted as a nightmare rite? but anyway, before tt dream ended, she gave me a hug... o_O how come my dreams always ends with a hug... o_O"

want to know something more weird? all the ppl in my dreams are girls... i really dunno why!! i'm normal already =X , but my dreams still have girls only... why why? no males have ever appeared in my dreams b4!! why why? o_O" i think my sub-concious is allergic to boys... =___=" yes yes... it must be... ~0~