Wednesday, April 04, 2007

my life is like this blog. plain. boring. except for the Twins pictures above, I think everything else is lifeless. ha. ha. ha....

for memories sake. must blog once in a while... haha.. so next time if got azheimers (dunno how to spell) can come here check out my memories.. lol.

Procrastination of work: dun read if ur feeling stress from work too haha..
OK. i started work last tuesday! (that's 27th march) STRESS AH stress. lol.... tt first 4 days felt like my head is bursting with too much information... haha... and this week is like neverending and everpiling workload... and most of the time i dun really know what i'm doing.. just following the steps and making sure things go through. lots of sending emails and coordination, etc.... need some time to sit down and think what i'm really doing actually. but i guess when i settle down more into the job den can understand what my job is all about.. haha... STRESS MAN. >__< ///

sorry. have to relieve stress here haaaaa..
The alphabet "I" 'MISS'es the alphabet "M" and thinks of "E" every moment but dreams of "L" everytime there's a moment to breathe. VERY MUCH.

but thank goodness heaven is nice to me. first week of work only... got public holiday already hehe... can't wait for friday to arrive... i will catch up with my sleep... hoho.. and SATURDAY and SUNDAY!!! i hope this 2 nice days pass slowly... haha... i dread MONDAYs. DARN.

lalalla.. what else shld i write here...... anyone... has any suggestions... where to go that is fun, but dun need spend any $$?!?! haha... any suggestions pls tag my board. thanks.. =)