Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas to everyone!! ^______^ Was sooooo soo so tired yesterday after work that i slept immediately when i reached home... The human flow was never ending in SC.!!! Be it people buying last min presents, shopping for overseas bag or accessories, and even ppl who came into our shop just to chat on their handphones... =___=" i din even get to sit down for once... well, except during my dinner break... haha.. really felt like just sitting down on the floor and scream man...

yup yup... i'm working again today... life's not so miserable when u dun really celebrate christmas... cos if u happened to work on that day, u'll know it doesn't affect you much... haha.. BUT i'm sooooo tired!! =___=" work worK woRK wORK WORK... moneY monEY moNEY mONEY MONEY... twinS twiNS twINS tWINS TWINS~~~ dun question me further on this. yesh i think it's worth it.


okie... haven't been updating... haha...

hmmm... nothing i can remembered.. except for that 2 days which Charlene came... hehe... it was unbelievable man!! lol!! ^___^ first... we had a first row space priviledge given to us at the event... and den... we also ride the bus tour from IMM to JEC... hehe it was as if a private moment with our fanclub... hehe... next, we got to get into the premier to watch the movie too... and den... after the movie, Charlene came into the cinema!! haha she was there to answer any questions which we may ask about the movie... =) we were really lucky to be given the first row seats - again. so Charlene was damn near man!! haha Charlene was like, less den 1 metre away from us? ^___^

on to the 2nd day... at the airport... this is the unbelievable one!! wahahha =X Shaw called our dear leader to say that there'll be no security guards around!! haha and we are to be security guards for Charlene!! when she arrived, we lined ourselves up and "3-to-a-side" to 'protect' Charlene... lol... the distance between me and Charlene... how far do u think we're apart if her bag kept on nudging me while we were walking her to the check-in point? haha... yup yup~ the most fortunate thing that happened to me in this life... hehe.. i managed to ask her one question... and i now feel like banging my head against the wall whenever i think abt it... haha.. i asked her if her leg is still in pain... o_O" and she repiled, "hai hao la... bu hui hen tong le" i was really concerned about her leg marh... but when i told my friend, she called me stupid.. why? cos i finally got a chance to talk to Charlene... and i asked her a question which already many reporters had asked in the day before... *haiz* but nvm!! haha cos i really cared.. =X hmmm... i wonder if her leg is still in pain..? =X rest well Charlene!! I LOVE YOU!! and Gillian too!! hehe ^___^ see you on 7th Jan again..

Monday, December 12, 2005

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Newly Wed Couple!! Ms Eng and her husband, Mr Issac Tan =)

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Gestures and ALP's tattooed eye... lol

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Shivani, Pearly and PQ

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My Beloved... oops!! wahaha.. j/k.. ~__~

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Cute rite? YEs i'm referring to the one on the right.. =X
WOHOHOHO~~~!! Ms Eng's wedding on Sat!! wahahhaha.. Ms Eng is pretty!! prettier den before.. hehe and also so much skinnier.. =X hmmm... but comparing pretti-ness.. nobody is as pretty as Pearly la~ hahaha =X So looooong nv see her, and den she like *poof*~ become like O_O!! last time is errr... 5000 volts? now is like 10000 volts!! lol.. =X was electrocuted by her the whole day by accident (cos i dun think she'll want do tt on purpose).. wahahha... and tt's why i woke up the today morn' with a sore eye.. *_*" (hey it's true!! nv bluff..)

and her lips... O_O lol... i thot i was the only one who has designs on her lips... mwhahahahha yuan lai shivani N liyana also... Shivani says of Pearly's lips: "Why is ur lips so voluptuous?" and Liyana says: "So juicy!!" wahahahah i think liyana descibes best mwahahahha =X oops.. See? i'm not the only one... ~__~

ahhhh~ ♥ finally took pics with my polaroid cam.. hehe =) other den some discolouration in some parts of the pics... the rest turned out very well!! haha everyone looks photogenic in polaroid.. except me... =X haha.. shall post some pics here.. if i can.. ^0^ I'm so proud of the pics!! wahahah i think i'm going to frame them up.. HOHOHO~

ummmm... okay.. i'm still very much in wonderland.. have to wake up soon!! cos this coming week is going to be like.. =__=" but everything will turn for the better on Friday.. hehe why? cos Charlene is coming marh~ wahahaha ^_______^

Friday, December 09, 2005

OMG!! how long have i not blogged? ... lol.. finally our project presentation has ended today... hohoho slept last nite at 4am and woke up at 7am automatically.. lol ^0^ only 3 hrs!! tt's an achievement... wahahahahah...

HOIZ. i can't go airport on Friday to see Charlene.. cos i'm working the morning shift in TW.. T_____T i hope no one takes MC on tt day cos i really want to go for the promotional events... T_____T just one day.. just on tt Friday.. 16th Dec... just pls let me go can? lol... T___T...

hmmmm... these few days.. i realised how healthy i am!! wahahaha.. everyone seems to be falling sick.. the 8 of us in TW.. i'm the only one who hasn't taken MC before or requested for leave!! lol... maybe i shld take MC on the Friday which Charlene is coming... haha.. okie. choi. i dun want to fall sick..

as long as i can get off days for the 6th and 9th of Jan next year.. i'm willing to not take MC and be a good girl.. just this once. =X
but heck!! if it's not approved for the off days next year, i shall skip sch all the same and face the music when i come back from HK. haha