Thursday, January 29, 2004

hmmmm!!! i think i've grown taller!! haha... (okay, maybe it's just the shoes i'm wearing... but hey... can't i just lie once to myself to be happy...)

okay... and the truth is... i've grown fatter too!! ultra fat!! whole day eat and doing nothing... what would u think of if i say i... ate two slices of bread, one cup noodle for breakfast, one bowl of noodles after two hours, chicken rice for lunch, titbits such as potato chips after one hour, rice with meat and soup and all for dinner, one orange, one apple, one cup of ice cream after dinner... oh ya... and whenever i've got nothing to do, i just take a bite of chocolate from my bag... anyone who eats this much would grow fatter... well, maybe except for those high metabolic rate ppl... (not fair!!>_<) so... let's just forget it... once i get fat, i never be able to trim down... haha... that's explains my weight increasing 5 kg every year and not decreasing!! haha