Sunday, April 30, 2006

hi! bye! =)

I declare war on anyone who doubt my love for Twins.

gd nitez. =)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

gwahahahha!! can u see the video? =) that's one of the reasons i like Twins!! so cute!! harhar~ =X

've been at home for almost two days!! cannot take it anymore!! haha must go out and breathe some fresh air!! my face is turning yellow and lips purple!! blehhhhh!!

and den binging on food! hohoho... ever since i tried Haagen Dazs Belgian choco... addicted to chocolate!! i ate so much chocolate!! @_@" and den i kept eating and eating and eating and eating eat eat eat till i feel like i can't get off my chair anymore... =X hoho~ not so serious la.. just an example.. just today alone i ate 2 chocolate ice cream cones!! hehe =)

and den later i'm going to Sakura buffet.. with angela and gang!! hohoho ^0^ if i dun get fat... Twins will come to Singapore and hold a concert... =)

If i get fat... Twins will emigrate to Singapore!! wahahahha =X

Twins are going to film a new movie!! It's called 双子神偷.. directly translated, it's called... errrr... Twins God-Thieves? something like that la... i think it's the same ppl who made the movie of World Without Thieves... it's been so long since Twins act in a movie TOGETHER... =) i'm waiting!! haha ^____^

okok... end of blogging!! haha i shall add more videos and gifs!! all Twins of cos.. hehe =)
i need to plan what i'm gonna do tml!! can't waste off another day like that!! X_X okok...
thinking of the buffet later... ahhhhHHHHH!! gwa gwa gwa~ ^____^

Friday, April 21, 2006

back from Chalet!!
the bicycle ride at Pulau Ubin was the best thing that happened~ =) though it rained, but riding and splashing through those muddy waters and rocky roads were great!! ^____^

our chalet.. was abit scary at first arhhh... especially on the first day when we walked there, so eerie! so pian pi.. haha... but den it's not that scary after a while.. in fact, i wasn't as scared as i should have been!! maybe becos this time Jean bathed with me hohoho ^0^ have to thx her for bathing with me~ hee =)

as usual, i slept thru the night on the 2nd night... always like this! =___=" every chalet.. i always seem to sleep alot.. haha zZzZzzz

Charlene's new movie!! it's called Diary. =) think it's a psychological thriller or something.. but looks quite scary.. what's up arh? ah gill just had a ghost movie and now Charlene's turn... haha i think Diary shld be not bad barh... it's by one of the Pang Brothers... so shld be okay... haha =) anyway, any movie with Twins is nice! ^___^

here is the pic of the movie~ it's Charlene! at first glance i thought it was Gillian cos the hair looks alike... haha =X whoops!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Pic taken from pltang in TAS forum =)

looks scary right? @_@"

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Birthday to Kristy!! =)

::: Ronnie ::: Twinkle Toes :::

the above words are put here so that in case if Cristiano really surfs the web and searches for his own name, and if the search engine ever make him arrive at this page...
PLS READ HERE Mr. Aveiro!!
Há uma menina nomeada Kristy que o ama, Cristiano Ronaldo. =)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

hohoho... =X

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today is the last day of TEP!!

Happy Birthday to Wendy Tse!! and David!! =)

Mrs Kristyano is in camp again.. and that's why i'm blogging now becos it's SO BORING that if i dun get Down Syndrome, my interiors might rot.. stay in this room for too long, brain will chi dun 迟钝 one..

other den blogging... i'm also playing around with flash!! hohoho.. =___=" i'll post it down here when i'm done with it... =)


Sunday, April 09, 2006

OHOHOHOHO~ ^0^ haven't blogged in a long time!

but there's nothing to blog about my life... but YESTERDAY!!

had *gathering* with sec sch ppl and Mr. LOW!! all of us from benedict to khazila.. (yarh, i shortcut becos there's always just the few of us... lol... ) about 10 of us!! went to Shaw Towers!! hohoho for dinner at Sofra... not bad arh... i like the sofas most. and the cushions.

after that watched midnight movie at PS... ICE AGE 2! =) hohoho... have to thx Khair for driving us back home... although to Khatib is not *shun lu*... but i thick skin and tt's how i managed to reached home at 2.55am and the moment i step into my room i slept. why? cos i'm afraid of 3am... .. hohoho..

have to do some SWOT analysis but.. i'm really sleepy now!! =___=" will DO tml... hoho... =X