Sunday, July 11, 2004

Yawnz... it's midnight now!! and some people might think what da hell am i doing, writing a blog at this time of the night.. well... that's when most of my creative juices starts to flow!! haha... alright, admit it, which person here actually thought of something else when i said *creative juices starts to flow*? i noe some people, esp. those who watch porn whould have thought of another thing... dun think i dunno hah!! okok... j/k... ummm... ok it's lame.. =_="

i have homework to do!! and i'm feeling so guilty now... cos just five mins ago, i was reading my new found classmate's/friend's blog... and she had already started doing her homework... and what was i doing the whole day today? i was watching vcds... SO GUILTY!! makes me want to start doing my homework right away... but when i said my creative juices come at night, it doesn't mean my brains are working at night... okok, i know, "How can that be?!" o_O?! that's becos i'm different!! my brains can only give out one juice at a time... in the day, it might be intelligent juices, and in the night, it's creative juices... ummm... alright!! alright!! i admit it!! i'm lazy okay!!

yawnz!!! another yawn... see?! i'm so sleepy now, how could i have possibly do my homework now... @_@" *hey! what's that you say? dun find excuses?!* okok... forgot to tell you, at midnight, i become creative, but i also become sort of crazy... bcome werewolf too... muahahahahaha!!!

Friday, July 09, 2004

When was the last time i've blogged?! It's March!! Dun tink anyone would me miss anyway...T_T *sob* why... u do?! waah!! so touched!! -_-" what am i doing here... talking to myself... cannot blame arh, when someone's screw came loose from the head, is that like one...

Poly has started!! Finally!! can go back and be a little student... just a few problems... stuck in a new class where there's not even one of them whom i've known b4... so that means have to make friends all over again... not that i have something against it, but... haiz... u noe... sometimes it's just real hard to find someone that *clicks* with you... the telepathic signals that we share are all different...know what i mean? don't? it means that when u see something that catches ur attention and feel that it's funny, u look at ur friends, and they look at you, and they know what you are thinking, and without speaking anything, everyone just laughs out loud... understand now? if still dun understand... nothing i can do... cause i'm speaking Engrish ya noe...

Maybe the telepathic signals are different, cos maybe we come from different parts of the country, i live in the North, but studied in the West for half my life, (by the way, i'm 17...)now that i'm in a school where most of them comes from the East, perhaps their antenna IS really different... haha... ~_~V so let's hope i do make some really good and close friends... or else i'll feel so out of place in school... well... maybe have to tune my antenna abit, tune and tune until i can get their signals and do some telepathy with em'!!

oh yar... why didn't poly tell us about the subjects we were going to study beforehand... Accounts... Statistics... Economics... Marketing... blah blah... all not what i liked... haiz... shld have stayed in Industrial Design instead... maybe just draw and draw whole day!! haha... on the other hand, wait skali they call us learn Maths too... haha, like count how many times can we shade a picture before the pencil lead runs out, how many lines can we draw to complete a drawing of an egg, or worse, include algebra inside!! if that happens, i rather join Business..

alright, alright... too long nv blog liao got many things to say... this is actually already cut down by 10 ten times!! so if anyone's reading this blog, i wish you a good day till the next time u read my blog again... if you're not reading my blog, den just go away... what are u still looking at the screen for?! Go!! Go away!! Shoo!! "Oh.. forgot to eat *medicine*..." @_@*