Friday, March 31, 2006

a summary of this whole week... =)

Monday: went JB with Pearly!! was drenched in the rain when we walked to Singapore Train Station at ard 2 pm hoping to take train to JB... but when we reach there... made the greatest discovery in history!! that the next train is at 6pm.. =____=" so we went and took bus instead. but we did took the Train back... haha =) ate quite alot in JB!! hehe

Tuesday: played basketball with Pei Sin!! haha but we played for 15 minutes... and den it rained. =___=" so we played chap teh at a HDB void deck!! wahahah played until 6pm plus den stopped... hohoho ^0^

Wednesday: woke up with whole body in pain!! becos played too much chap teh the day b4... it means something good cos it means fats turning into muscles rite? o_O no? haha.. drenched in rain again today... after tt.. watched movie with Clarice, Shiya and Cheryl.. we watched The Shoe Fairy!! Vivian Hsu is pretty!! =) and the movie's really cute too!! really aLOT like fairytale..

Thursday: Stayed home!! sleep, eat, watch tv, watch anime, watch vcds, surf net, tried learning how to play the guitar online but too impatient.. den wanted to do project but... dunno why there's always some distractions around.. lol.. oh yarh.. and it rained again.

Friday: went out with Pearly again!! it drizzled today.. wahahaha we pretended to be tourists today!! although not very successful la.. haha we went Esplanade... ate at Thai Express... ate Green Curry!! =) took pictures at Esplanade like we've never been there before... mwahahahha took some really funny pics of Pearly and the Merlion!! hohoho shall post it here when i can... lol must ask her permission first arh... or else. =X haha.. 'We-Are-Tourist Day' tour to be continued!! but i have to wait till my next hols... T____T"

okie... that's about it for my one week break... i'm quite satisfied!! haha at least i think i've spent it well!! =) but just feel really guilty for not doing project...

okie... .. . ... .. . from tml onwards it'll be all work and no play!! work! work! den projects!! projects!! projects!! we left like about 1 - 2 weeks!! @_@" and den still have all those summary reports... =_____="

here is ONE picture!! mwahahah only show Pearly's back!! so cannot tell... =X

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

hohoho wonder if u can see and hear the genie speaking? lol... used MASH to do it... waahahah i know it's abit irritating.. but only for a few seconds!! =)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

had 6E class gathering on Friday night!! oh man!! Tingting is so pretty!! =) i think haven't seen her in like 6 years!!
i'm.. wahaha.. still the shortest among ALL of them. HAIz.

went to Partyworld with them.... lol hohoho ^0^ first time going there... and the room was big!! haha 9 of us shared a bottle of Chivas... Kenny and Qi Qiang looked drunk after that... wahahahhaa the guys drank so much more den us.. =) it's 43%!! O_O
i really sucked at singing. =X haha.. but it was fun!! hohoho ^______^

hohoho ^0^ tml onwards is one week break!! i'm going to sleep for ONE FULL DAY, play ONE FULL DAY, watch tv ONE FULL DAY, exercise ONE FULL MINUTE.. and the rest be going out with friends~ =)

ahh SHIT i forgot i'm working today.. need to go

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

presented MMD today... i think i'm GOING TO FAIL!! becos din know have to add in programming guides... @_@" i dun even know that ppt below got a "click to add notes" area... T____T"

Mrs Kristyano is going to camp from tml onwards.. she is pao hei-ing me again... =___= haha just kidding la.. go la go la.. might not get to see her till next next Monday!! T______T" i think i miss her already... hohoho =X

i'm having a ONE WEEK BREAK next week!! =) still thinking if i should work for the whole week or just take a break... o_O" if someone donate me $200 now i confirm not working.. whohohoho ^0^ j/k. =X

someone HELPPPPP MEEEEE i think i getting lamer already. *as if i'm not lame enough..* HAIZ.

I MISS TWINS... when are they coming to Singapore again... o_O .... T______T ngoh hou gua nin nei dei arhhhh... fai D lei yarh... i no $$ buy so many of your albums and dvds arh... but i'll try to earn as much so tt i can buy... cos you're the only ones who appears in my mind everytime i am conscious. errr but sometimes when i'm not that conscious also you both appear... SORRY. i'm not some psycho stalker though i may sound like one.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

hohoho!! finally handed up mmd project!! hehe Dawn was kinda scary today cos she reached her saturation point so many times today... oops!! =X hehe

went to Bishan for lunch today... had nice chicken rice!! but can't remember what i did for the rest of the day.. other den sleeping on the floor in the tutorial room... =X wahahahaha if any lecturers reads my blog, i think i'll get a warning letter tml morning when i reach sch.. lol. HEY! but no proof! when? when? huh? when and where did you see ME sleeping? huh? wohohoho.. ^0^

okok.. IT'S MIDNIGHT!! i better go sleep.. ..

Sunday, March 19, 2006

hohoho ^0^ finally done with my Flash... ^___^ left one more Storyboard to go... hehe =)

yesterday was movie with Liyana and PQ... "Yours, Mine and Ours" =) not bad the movie~ haha i like one quote which the mother said!! and i totally agree with it... this is what she said: "Homes are for free expression, not for good impression".
YES!! that's right!! so mummy... pls dun call me to clean up my room anymore okie... cos *homes are for free expression!!* hehe =)

after movie went to Esplanade for dinner with Pearly~ Shivani and her cousin~ and... Khazila!! Happy Birthday to Khaz!! ^___^ i forgot the name of the place we ate at.. i think is HOT2Cafe or something... lol... had fishy fish and gloomy day drink... =)

there's a Mosaic music festival at the Esplanade too!! ppl were dancing around freely and happily. i like this kind of scenes!! it makes me feel like there's no strangers around cos everyone is like smiling and dancing around... hehe ^__^ though i just stand there like a stone.. but i think the ppl who danced were great!! *claps claps*

okie... done with this long post.. lol.. i posted this post cos i want to remember this day!! wahahaha =)

不要走 大鐘即使敲響 你別放開手

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I FINALLY FINISHED ONE STORYBOARD!! @_@ spent one and a half full day just to do ONE ONE ONE YES ONE STORYBOARD!! *faints*

still have one more storyboard to go.. and a one minute flash advertisment to do... we are all going crazy!! yea!! wheeheehee!! T________________T"

ok. back to doing storyboard and flash. =)
^_____________^ Anyone interested..? hehe... pls email me at!! mwahahahah gd nitez.

Personal Selling Last Round

Sunday, March 12, 2006

^___________^ a VERY VERY VERY old pic of Twins... see their uniforms know already wahahhaa... their first album.. hee~ still so young n playful!! mwahahhaha... =X

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reading Pearly's blog about her penpal reminds me of Pam and Kat.. HAIz.

Pam should be about 14 years old this year.. and Kat 12.. T___T soo long since i've sent them letters. i wonder if they still remember me. I hope everything's still alright at the Village. =)
=_____=" finally i got an off day but i dunno what to do with it... lol... din go JB cos PQ can't go... =X it's alright, no worries!! wahahah next time go also can... =) Lay Peng's working, Fevelyn got project, Liyana's brother engaging today... the rest din ans my smses... =X mwahahahah
o_O" dunno where to go also... haiz.

watched some VCDs... but it's only 245pm now!! time goes slow today!! but at least it's a sunday~ no hurry hehe =) hmmm.. i'm still thinking where to go!! maybe when it reaches 12am den i can decide.. where... WHERE!! WHERE!!! zoo? no... going next week... swim? no.. fats ard thighs will shake if i ever swim... lol... esplanade? err.. abit *bei ai* to go alone... watch Dorm? .. .... ... i might never make it out of the cinema alive... .. OKAY i'm just being LAME here.. oh it's 3pm!! hohoho ^0^ time passes fast when i'm being lame.. =X OKOK...

i'm going to close my eyes and cherish my OFF day~ my ONLY off days!! today and next Sat hehe~ =)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

... i'm scared of computers!! everyday in this stopover i sit in front of computer.. now when i get home, i dun really use the com... wahahhaha.. =____=" MMD Project is dued on 20th Mar and i haven't start... need to use computer!! @_@" and den... got the Personal Selling again... this time have to sell Pies, Gift Vouchers, Travel Packages, etc... wonder how i'm going to sell seh... ran out of people to ask... lol... T_____T"

going to work later... hohoho finally tml i have one FULL day OFF!! hehe... hope can go JB with PQ and Pearly! =)

Haven't been updating myself with Twins news also recently... feeling disconnected!! =X somehow i hope this stopover gets over soon, but den again, i also dun want TEP to be over cos it means back to Classical studies and it also means i wun't get to see Kristy n Dawn n Jac n Jean n Amanda n Nat n Charlene n Stef n Tara n David n Max n many many more ppl i've known ever since i got into TEP!! ^_____^

OKAY. I'm LATE for work!! byez!

Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm SO tired. =) here is a summary of the past 3 days.. wohohoho ^0^

Sunday => Work
Saturday => work
Friday => School

found out some new stuffs about myself i din know b4 on Friday.. lol and what's that? it has something to do with my hunger... lol no it's not just whining about being hungry, it's something else. haha =) full stop!!

OH YARH!! another thing more interesting than this... while i was working over the weekends.. Ah Wing said my father is a gangster big boss!! WAHAHAHAH~ that's very funny. hohoho~ i remember the first time i worked for SportsC... my father told me not to be scared, he said, "dun need to be scared, if got ppl bully you, just tell me. Just say my name and they wun't dare to bully you." lol... whatever.. =___=" WAHAHAHHA...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

yohohoho... went to kbox like twice this week!! wahahaha and from this i can confirm that i really cannot sing wahahahahaah~ =X i think i should rap instead cos i always seem to sing faster... wohohohoho ^0^

BUT!! but! BUT. i dun mind going kbox as long as it's with Kristy arh... i like her voice and when she sing!! tell her nice already she dun believe... =___=" hohoho~

i hope tml is another day to slack... =X i've gotten so used to slacking that if you gimme some work to do, my brain will probably bang against my skull...

okok... haha.. congrats to Pearly arh!! for getting B3 for GP and BBC for her As... ^____^ i dunno what's the average score, but i think it should be pretty good!! =) clever girl arh she... so lazy but so clever... oops! Pearly pls dun read my blog. ~___~V

kk... i dun think i have much more to say le... hehe but just before i log out... I just want to say.. I LOVE TWINS! hehe =) gd nitez.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

MWAHAHAHAH~ i'm soo HAPPY!! =) wahahahahaha!! hehe~ why? becos of what Pauline told me... hehe dun have to post it here... just know in my heart can le~ ^_____________________^

sorry.. just too happy larh.. hehe =) can i smile/laugh here..?

thanks. gd nitez!! ^___^

PS: I Love Twins~ =)
ARDC is taking my life away... T___T research, presentation, research, presentation... repeat and repeat over and over again... HAIZ. but nvm... later after sch i'm going to watch 49 Days again... hehehehehehehehe wahahahahahahaha~ ^____^

Pls PRESS the Refresh button!! ^___^ mwahahhaha In case u get bored of seeing the same picture every time u visit~

I ♥ Twins!! ^_____^
The below link... is about Twins!! wahahaha din know Wikipedia also got Twins... lol...

and... if you find for their boss, Albert Yeung... yuan lai...

"He was a former Leader of a triad in Hong Kong. He retired from the triad some years ago and started his company EEG.
EEG had made many popular names such as Joey Yung, Eason Chan, Twins, etc...... EEG may be one of the most dominating companies in the industry." O_O *faints*

Twins boss... former Triad Leader... @_@" how come he dun look like one...