Saturday, January 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Gillian!! 25 years old already!! somehow i always have the feeling that she and Charlene are forever 21 years old... lol... haiz. Time does go on even if we feel oblivious to it.. o_O i also dun feel i'm 19 already this year!! oh my GOD!! ever since i reached 16, i've never felt i've grown older ever since... lol... 19... 19... 19!! i'm 19!! >_<" can God give me a new look so that i look really like a 19 year old girl? ~___~V it's easy!! i just need to grow taller... mwahahahhahaha... ^0^ just take back a few centimetres from Yao Ming... and den gimme... should be easy rite? OKAY OKAY OKAY. i should stop crapping becos God doesn't read peoples' blogs... =__="

anyway... back to topic... Happy Birthday to Gillian!! May she have good health and... more movies!! hehe =) that means more income and increasing popularity... hohoho ^0^ which also means more movies for me to watch hehe ^____^ best if she films with Charlene!! I hope there will be more movies with Twins as the main leads... something like Twins Effect I and Summer Breeze of Love... plus!! if they have more movies... it means that they'll probably come to SG more... hohoho ^0^ and den we'll all get to see them!! hehe.. =) other den movies... of cos also more albums!! wahahahaha ^_________^ but of cos... please also dun release so many... cos it will be very tiring for Twins... all work and no rest makes Twinsfans very sad... =X okok... oh yarh!! one more thing... may Gillian also be VERY VERY VERY HAPPY everyday!! i wish both Charlene and Gillian to be happy people!! ^_____^ but... Gillian also looks cool and pretty when she's icy... hehe =) OKAY!! maybe for the Ice Princess image sake... she can always stay cool (some see it as 'dao')... but really do wish for her to be happy inside.. hehe ^___^ I LOVE YOU TWINS; GILLIAN and CHARLENE!! hehe oops!! =X

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

i'm BACKKkkKKk!! hohoho... =) Love Twins. Love them x 100000000!!

love the concert.
love the tribal dances during the opening, Twins each solo performance, Leo Ku's surprised appearance.
love the gathering.
love twins even more now cos they were so considerate to fans - our gathering is only from 230pm to 430pm in Mirama Hotel... when time was up, they requested to add in extra time... when someone said tt we have to pay to add in for more time in the ballroom, Charlene said "add money? add larh!! i'll pay!!"
but too bad someone else had booked the ball room for wedding.. T___T but at least we know how much Twins cared~ The moment when the hotel management said our time was up... the silence... the look on Twins faces... all the fans faces.. Charlene offered to pay to add in extra time, and Gillian's sad eyes i swear i saw.

Before we left the ball room, Twins managed to grab a few more minutes to sing one last song, and also tell us what they think in their hearts.

Apparently it's a fact that Twins has 2 groups of supporters, one for Charlene, and one for Gillian. It's obvious that there are 2 different supporter groups, and Twins know it. Charlene said that's a fact and separation is also a must, sooner or later. But if we all could spread our love evenly.. If one likes Charlene, pls like Gillian. If one likes Gillian, pls like Charlene too. One day they might not be together as "Twins" anymore, but they'll be still be together forever. That's an assurance they've given to us. Spoken personally to all fans.

The song they sang before we left the room... a 'country-style' song whereby Twins told us to dance/jump along with them~ haha.. everyone just went high and jump up and down man!! hoho other den their concerts, first time saw Twins jumping around like little kids hehe~ oops!! =X it's like everyone was relieving all their stress and jumping for joy!! haha Charlene & Gillian was so cute!! haha jumping around like there's no one around~ haha but well, the reporters have already left earlier, so maybe that's why they weren't so conscious barh... hehe =)

anyway... This was a damn nice and fun trip man!! hehe thx to Cherlyn for bringing me around HK... =)

Friday, January 06, 2006

i'm now in Terminal 1 waiting to check in... lol... using the Free internet access near Subway wahahahha =) will be back only on Tuesday midnight... so dun miss me!! mwahahah... okok.. ~___~V

Thursday, January 05, 2006

i'm soo happy today!! hehe~ not only becos i will be flying off to HK tml... but also becos... i went out with Pearly today!! lol.. =X wohohoho ^0^

actually... i'm supposed to meet with PQ also... but i kinda lost my way... dunno how to get to Far East Plaza larh... haha... by the time i meet with her at Heeren.. she already going back home... so left with me... and Pearly!! hohoho~ ^0^

ummm... okie.. HEY i'm not excited, i'm just happy haha. we walked ard town... den took mrt to my house.. to watch Twins videos larh.. *what else..* =X and ate the Tofu Dessert at the same time wahahahha Mango, Almond flavour.. =) after tt she took the last bus home... haiz. another day gone just like that.

hmmmm... o_O i dunno why.. but it's very awkward with just 2 of us wahahha.. just weird larh... without PQ around.. lol.. and... PQ's really fierce today lorh... wahahha =X oops!! hoho~

Sunday, January 01, 2006

yapz. Happy New Year!! haha... as usual.. working again thru the new year... lol.. but this time is different from the Chirstmas one!! wahahah i woke up today morning and the 1st thing i did was to breathe in a really DEEP breathe~ ahhhh~ nice morning!!~_____~V

okok... it's a new year!! i hope it'll be a nice year~~~ ^____^

here's my "new" resolutions for the year~

1. Grow Taller.
2. Grow Taller.
3. Grow Taller.

okok... lol... tt's a fake one... here's the real one..

1. Grow Taller.
2. Save some money~
3. Write some powerful lyrics with tunes~~
4. Bring my mum for a holiday to wherever i can afford.
5. Meet Twins again: take photos with them!! heez =)