Sunday, July 08, 2007

QQ and John.. botak! haha.. both went into NS already.

and Kenny has grown taller again. he used to be shorter den me k. now he's more den one head taller den me. shucks.

my wife is a gangster 3 is funny.. haha.. sad some parts and.. cheeky some parts.. the part in the car.. >_<" obscene ar.. obscene. tt guy has earned it! with Shu Qi sitting on his laps and... haha........

one of the neoprints we took before the movie:

and yesterday BBQ was nice! and funny.. haha.. Amanda says I've become feminine! FEMININE? noooooooo wayy.......... Jiabi says my face has become smaller too. i think is cos my hair is longer, so it covers my face la. once i cut my hair, i think i will be the same as before. mwahaha. i miss Kristy.. busy busy girl...

i bought 3 vcds a few weeks ago.. and they are still lying in the corner of my room... haven't got time to watch!
.........but i rather go out den watch vcds at home anyway.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

i'm so tired.. OT-ing at home. haha.. so took the chance to blog before I sleep! =)

i feel like i'm 30 yrs old... it wasn't until a cab driver asked me how old i am, and den i remembered, i haven't even turned 20! gosh........ why am i still 19+. Life is such a long way to go........................... quickly. end it for me.

nahhh. just kidding.

i'd love to see how i will die. hehe.. yes. i'm abit sadist ar... i wonder if i will be murdered? or killed in an accident? or die by diseases? cancer? peacefully by old age? or just sudden death?

so curious... but it will never be suicide.

ahh.. i think too much. i always think too far, too long, too linked to everything.

i used to think living one day and taking it as it comes along is simple and nice.

but i just realised tt if i live one day and the next as it is without thinking far ahead. i won't be able to improve myself and do things that i want to achieve. becos i'm taking things as it comes (and goes). but den again. i think far but i dun act on what i think. so.. ok.. i'll live one day as it is den. at least i save the energy of thinking too far. haaa..

what am i talking.. nvm.. midnight always bring craps to my head.

gd nightz everyone! =)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

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