Sunday, April 24, 2005

the day is gone, again
everytime i'm with you
time never seems to stop for us... and i,
oh wanna catch up on your life

let me know how you've been doing girl
let me know where have you been girl
let me know let me know let me be in the know-ho

when i finally got to hold your hands
time is up and you're all ready to go
and when i smile, den you would smile
and everything's back to normal oh yeah-heah-eh-eh

let me know if we're getting further apart
let me know if you like your new friends more
let me know let me know let me be in the know-ho

sometimes there are certain things that we've gotta let go
but most of the time this is always the hardest thing to do
and that's why we need to cherish, but i bet you've already know

yet i just want to...

let you know how much i've loved you
let you know how much i've missed you
let you know let you know let you be in the know-ho

i know i seem to act weird
but sorry i can't control myself
cos everytime i see you
i'd get so nervous i'll forget what to say

yet i just want to...

let you know that i really care for you
let you know there's always me when you needed someone
let you know let you know let you be in the know-ho

and now that i need to go, and i really need to know
if i ever had a special place in your heart

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

World after Destruction

The world after destruction
Is a land of devastation
What we need is a resolution
To start a new-age revolution

This world has faced it execution
And what we did was brought out it’s prosecution
The evidence of our confession
Is mother nature which has been blown out of proportion
(Dunno what title yet... but i think i've got the tune for it... wohohoho ^0^)

The summer holidays are ending
Yet I'm not done with writing our song
I couldn't get my mouth to speak how I feel
I thought I could do it through my lyrics

But now I know, that I'm in the wrong
Cause I've failed miserably, in both ways
Making me feel like I'm useless once again
It's hard to accept, and I've realised that

When there are friends who leave your side
You'll take a look into your heart and see what's inside
Though you know they might not be there for you
But one day, we'll all meet up and start anew

Monday, April 18, 2005

i feel soo tired... and today is only the first day of school... =_=" took a quick 360 degrees scan through my new class today... and i couldn't see any friendly faces that i imagine could have been my friends in the future... =_=" but hmmmm... it's only the FIRST day... so i guess things would get better barh... DARN... i can sense a real boring life ahead of me... except maybe the colourful weekends, where there's no school... my only rainbow days to look forward to... haiz... funny, din do much today, yet i feel so tired... perhaps it's tireness from thinking about too many things?

mwahahhaa... i guess i know when the *simple and nice* days are already... it's when there's nothing to think about, nothing to get frustrated or heck care about, and no overly heavy responsibilities... only days where time passes by peacefully... and with a sense of contentment for everything that we have... mwahahhaa... ^___^ i guess everyone has their own different view of *contentment for things that they have*... for me? i dunno... maybe it's the sense of security that friends can give... and of cos, a sense of happiness for as long as Twins stay healthy and successful... hehe ^____^

hmmm... suddenly thought of something... but not sure how i'm going to say it out... hmmmz... suddenly think that... maybe we are already living in a simple and nice world, but just that it is our human mind which makes this world complicated and difficult to live in... *hmmz... o_O this sentence sounds so familar...O_o* anyway, sometimes i wished things would happen as i hoped it would happen... but of cos, most of everything i hope for din really come true... so, everything that i wished for, could only stay inside my imaginative world... and when i get to daydream during free/ boring times, i get into my world... which IS simple and nice. though only for awhile... till i get awoken up by this realistic world...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

hmm... Clarice coming back today!! hohoho ^___^ hmmm... i miss her voice wor... ~___~V actually i miss alot of people's voices hehe

hmmm... recently found a new song... not exactly a *new* song since it was sang by The Beatles... =_=" wohohoho... but the song is quite nice~~~ it's called "In My Life" here is the lyrics... ^___^

The Beatles - In My Life

There are places I remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I've loved them all

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more

Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more

In my life I love you more

Saturday, April 16, 2005

hmmm... soo tired!! @_@ yesterday went out with ALP to Bugis... den met Kenny at bukitbatok to get CD from him... den went to Jurong Center for HOF movie... den went to BK @ Borders for TAS gathering... wohohohoh walked from orchard to somerset to ps for dinner, den walk to cityhall, played some games, den took the last train home... mwahahhaa... should have worn shoes... got soo many blisters now...

hmmm.... these few days i've been reading Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code... din expected it to be soooo nice!!! everything they talked about in the book, just nice happens to be topics that i'm very very interested in... hehe... esp talking about the Pagan Symbols, Gods and Goddesses, cyptology, mysteries and stuffs... hehe ^___^ hmmm... the book teaches so many things... i suddenly feel so knowledgable liao... heheh like how the word "horny" came about, and how come there were so many *coincidences* between famous people and the secrets behind... hmmm... wohohoho... apparently, the word "horny" came from the horns of the ram, which is a symbol of the fertility god in ancient times... hehe hmmm... but the 1st few chapters of the storybook was quite scary... abt the death of someone... the author described the details until i can imagine the scenes as i read on... so eerie... couldn't slept that night... dunno why also... mwahahhaha... but the story later on gets more exciting, so much adventure!! hehe ^___^ really nice book!! really keeps people in suspense... err, at least it kept me in suspense... ~___~V

wohohoho... i've been reading the book from 11am this morning till 6pm... wahahhaa... din realise time has passed so fast... and den tml is the last day of the holidays le!! T__T glad that hols are over, but not glad that i have to face new people again... wohohoh... ~__~V i can imagine 2 kinds of scenarios now... one is, everybody smiles at each other, make friends, den exchange contact numbers, blah blah, another scenario is, everybody keeps quiet, unwilling to initiate a talk, and den the feeling of hostility ard... and the feeling of uneasiness everywhere from head to toe... wohohoho ~0~V i hope Monday turns out to be the 1st scenario... ^____^

Friday, April 15, 2005

Isn't this song nice? "Journey" by Zhang Shao Han... hehe ^___^ though not my first time listening to it... but when i heard her sang without music in the Love at Dolphin Bay, dunno why got more feel... hehe... maybe it's the pictures that goes with her singing... almost teared... wahahaha =_="

hmmm... some updates...

hoho... in the 4 years that i've been living in Yishun, it was my first time i've ever cycled all the way to Ang Mo Kio!!! wahahaha... followed the MRT line... at first it seems like never-ending... cycle and cycle and cycle... and all i see was forested scenes... until when i thought i wanna turn around, den i saw some condos!! i knew i'm about to reach YCK mrt... wohohohoh ^0^ felt sooo happy and a sense of achievement that i almost wanted to stand on my bicycle and wave a flag~ hehehe ^____^ haiz.. but was really tired...

Can't remembered...

Checked out handphones... contract's going to expire soon... time to look for new phones for upgrade!! hehe ^___^ ahhh... i think i like 7260... wohohoho looks unique to meee... hehe
Brought some hair bleach for $5 and D.I.Y dangerously on my own hair... *shouldn't have DIY...* becos some parts turned out brown, some parts turn out blonde... and den one part was like almost white... *faintz* luckily it was hidden somewhere behind my ear... so wasn't tt obvious... haiz... my hair... haiz!! wrong time to get light colours... cos sch opens next week... =_=" but never mind!! only $5 larh... wahahhhaha haiz. but my hair!!! =_="

(haven't reached Friday yet... but just blog in advance larh... haha)
watched House of Fury at Bugis with ALP... went BK near Borders for TAS gathering... hmmmm... the rest... i dunno what i'll do tml liao... mwahahahah ^___^

Sunday, April 10, 2005

mwahahhaa... today has been a real busy day... haven't had proper rest till now!! hehehe ^___^ but the feeling of busy-ness is nice~~ esp sometimes when the holidays are too boring and long...

hmmm... let's see.. i woke up, immediately ate my breakfast, went out, pass some figurines to my TAS leader... den went back home, pack all the stuffs tt are to be sold... pack and pack and pack... wah seh... seems so easy, just separate and pack posters, VCDs, DVDs, photographs into different groups for each individual buyer... wahahha... sounds easy, but so tedious!! it's like doing statistics... so many numbers to see, except tt for this one, it involves more energy needed... felt so dizzy after finishing packing... and den, str away after i finish packing, it's already 3.30pm... and i was supposed to reach Yishun BK at 4pm!! wohohhoho ^0^ luckily i only live one stop away... hoho ^___^

hmmm... oh yarh... i dunno what's wrong with me!! i carried the paper bag which all the stuffs are in... i went down the stairs... when i almost reach the ground floor, den i realise i din bring my card... so i climbed all the way up to the 7th storey... take my card and den went down again... haiz... so heavy and tired!!! and DEN, i realised tt while taking my card, i left my wallet on the table in my room... =_=" DIAOzzZz!!! lucky this time i only went down to the 5th floor, so have to climb up 2 storeys only... after that, i was so tired, i just took the lift down... and den i realised... i LEFT the PAPER BAG near the door while taking my wallet!!! double, triple diaozzzzzz lorh... =_=" somemore i was already late... den still running up and down the stairs like a mad woman... =_=" this teaches a lesson... dun be late... so tt next time if you forget to take something, you still have the time to go back home again... mwhahahahahha
mwahahhaa... hmmm... only thing i remembered for today was going for dinner at BK with Shiya they all... wohohoho... 've been laughing thru out dinner... wahahha ^__^ hmmm... den went to Borders look at some Love Psyshic thing... hehe... ^___^ Clarice called, but din get to talk to her... wohohoho ~0~V

hmmm... felt a little electric shock today... *not tt static kind, or voltage kind...* another kind of mini shock that went thru from head to toe mwahahahhaha ^0^ better not go into details le... wohohoho

haiz. left one more week of hols, and i dun seem to have done anything particularly meaningful... shall think of some stuffs to do within the next week... =_=" hmmm... but what can i do?! i need some excitement!!! and something adventurous barh... dunno why last time hols always got something adventurous tt came up? now no more... =_=" hmm.. or was i just reading a hardy boys storybook and imagined myself being in it? hmmm o_O" whatever... i want to be a Wanderer~~ lalalal~ what happened to my *SunWanderer* dream... lalalal~ T_T haiz. come back to EARTH!!! o_o O_O @_@ X_X gd nitez~.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

oh yarh... went thru letters and stuffs from the past... heheh... hmmm... i think i've changed? friends from pri sch wrote letters to me saying how brave i was, and den the current letters are like telling me not to be scared... wohohoho ^0^ anywayz... found some pics... hoho... Pam~~ Kat~~ ^_________^* hmmm... haven't been writing letters to her... ~_~V

Pam & Friends:
Kat & Tale:
wohohoho!!! finally watched House of Fury today~~~ hehehehe... din expect to watch with TAS friends... hohoho~~ hmmm... the movie was above expectations larh... like what most TAS ppl say... haha... was expecting something like the Black Rose Academy.. but it turns out just fine... hehehe ^___^ not too lame and not too exaggerated... hehe ^__^ as usual, ah sa was the one who brings laughter again... hehe everytime she comes out, sure to bring some smiles... ^___^ and for gill, she was so suave!!! esp when fighting!! wah seh... like what one of my leader says, "i dun mind getting beaten up by Gill" hohoho... now after watching this movie, i think so too~~~ mwahahha ^0^ hmmm... the movie, has fightings, has comedies, and also talks about family relationships... hmmm... somehow kind of agree with the family thingy... wahhahaa... like how parents always wanna tok with you, but den always try to avoid toking with them... hmmm... and den something same as what my mum always nag, except my mum adds some singlish in.. hoho "one day if i die alehdy arh, who will take care of you both hah? everything also i do, wash clothes larh, cook larh, if i die arh, i dunno u two how arh!!!" ~_____~V

hmmm... i wanna watch the movie again!!! hehe... but i think not so soon... mwahaha... cos i just rememebered that i still owed someone a meal... for passing my O levels... hehe... yes, passing my o lvls... so long already... but den suddenly remembered, so contacted that person and ask for a day to treat a meal... hehe ^___^ so have to save some money this week... haiz... haiz... ~___~V darn... shld have pretend tt i forgot marh... haiz... wohohoho

ahhh~~ everytime i think of the movie, just makes me want to laugh!!! wohohhohoho ^0^ mwahahhahaha ahahahahah wahahaha!!! i think i will wake up laughing tml... hohoho~

Saturday, April 02, 2005

hmmm... one night without MSN is torturing!!! have to sms here and there just to tok... wohohoho.. =_=" haiz...

hmmm... today went to Edwin's home... wohohoho... * does everybody house look like Cheryl's and Edwin's??* o_O so BIG!! mwahhaha... his dog scared me when i reached his home... panicked when the dog barked... haiz... so loud... =_=" wahaahah esp when the dog pant and breathe so hard... and den like snorting and like wanna bite anytime... *okok... maybe abit exeggerated..* it's something like one of my nightmare, got many fierce dogs running towards me, den panting hard, den grrrr-ing, den jumping towards me, and biting off every bit of mee... wohohohoo... everytime i see dogs i think of this nightmare... hmmm haiz. o_O" i seem to have many nightmares ehz... i also dunno why? i had another dream just a few days ago... wohohoo something abt having maths exams... den got paper 1 and 2, and den late for the paper 1, den just kept on running, jumping over baby prams and something abt e heroin drug, ppl chasing after me with guns, and more... hmmm very messy dream... dunno why miss maths exam ppl take gun chase after me? o_O"

ummm... okie... but the dog was cute larh... i would have played more with her if she doesn't always seem like going to jump on me any sec.. wahahaha... anyway... the food was very very very nice!!! din noe *they* can cook so well... wohohohoho ~____~V today passed very fast... eat, play, eat!! wohohohoho

hmmm... haiz... got something in my mind.. but i dunno what it is... hmmm... how to say? it's like feeling itchyness on your arm, but den dunno which part itchy.. so carry on scratch and scratch but still can't scratch the actual part that is itchy... anyone gone thru that b4? hmmm... just like how i blog and blog abt rubbish, but still can't blog out the main point that i wanna say... wohohohoho

anyway!!! THX clarice for your card... heheh ^_____^ nitez...