Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Twins is going to break up. Though there're previous rumors about their breakup, but usually they'll both just denied about it. This time, Twins actually admit that there'll be a possibility of breaking up. All decisions will be decided by their company... which ah sa said, the company will know the industry more den them... so whatever the company decide on, it'll only be better for their own future. Cos no company would want to make their artistes fail.

Hai. Though i know Twins will not be together forever... This just came all too sudden. T___T i hope this is just another gimmick of EEG to promote their upcoming concert in Jan... as the confirmation of breaking up will also only be cfm by their manager next year.

When i first decide to go for their concert next year... I was really excited and thinking, "If i dun go this year, there might not be another chance again..." Well.. it all seems to turn out true... cos the papers also said that, "Twins upcoming concert next year is also a concert-cum-farewell event..." hai. oh well. It's true that Twins ain't as younger as before.. so i guess going on a different route might just be right for them... Just hope that the company will choose a route that fits nicely for them... As long as Twins is happy.

However, even if the breakup is confirmed, Twins will only breakup earliest is in Year 2007.. cos ah gill said that the company has already made arrangements for 2006... Their mandarin album cantonese albums will still be under Twins name in 2006, except tt they'll be taking up individual roles in movies and advertisments. so there's still abt one year b4 the possible official breakup... wahahahaha...

Charlene "正所谓天下无不散之筵席"

Gillian "有缘千里能相会"

woah.. they can really be poetic... lol

Monday, November 28, 2005

mon to fri -> school
sat n sun -> work

i barely have time to watch harry potter!! T___T the only time is TODAY.. monday when i end early at 415pm... lol.. but there's project to be completed... hoiz.. anyway.. have not yet reach the point where my body'll break down due to non-stop work lol... i really needa earn somemore in order to enjoy that few days in HK!! 've already paid for the air tix, and hotel... though hotels ain't confirmed yet...

yesterday was working at Jurong Pt.. lol.. and the IC over there was like talking about how fun Genting was, how much nice food Penang has.. blah blah... O_O he's really tempting me... =_____=" WHY does it seems tt everyone is going to Genting?! o_O" some of TAS friends are ALREADY in Genting... and Stef will also be going there next week... and den CLarice is also planning to go there... @_@" i also wann go... T_____T

Had Pooled on Sat... wahahaha.. looooong time since i've played pool... lol... ^__________^ so SHUANG!! hohoho ^0^ ~ and we also played arcade!! had fun shooting and killing people hehehe ^ x ^... now my arm is real tired from all the shooting and pool-ing... =__=" it's like going limp already... BUT!! i dun mind another round of arcade and pool again hehehehehehhehehehehehhehe~~~ ♥

okay. enough of FUN time... tml is Monday again... ho..ho..ho.. = 0 =" and have to finish a project by this week.. though not sure of which is the exact day to hand in.. T_____T hoiz. i need to go kbox and scream it all out!! ^0^V

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


may she always be in good health!! and stay popular for as loong as she feels like it!! and also... always happy at anytime, anyday and moment!! wohohoho ^0^ happy birthday~~~

i woke up today... and the first thing i did was to take my handphone, and smsed the words "Happy Birthday Charlene!!" and after i finished typing what i wanted to say to her... i pressed "OK" and den... i realised i dun have her number... hohoho =___=" haven't really wake up yet arh... ^0^V

the 2nd thing i think of was? was to wonder what will happen if my new TEP teacher (which is still unknown) will let me take 2 days off next year in jan... if not.. my $700 gone!! haha... T_____T just pray... hey!! but my horoscope in yahoo says "all will turn out fine" for trips this year... o_O? but this trip is next year wor... ~____~V

Friday, November 18, 2005

oh? it's 18th Nov!! hahahahahahha fast rite? i thot i just blogged yesterday... ^0^

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PEARLY!! it's in CAPITAL LETTERS... hehe... Good Luck for her A lvls...

i always look forward to pearly's birthday... why? becos 4 days later is CHARLENE's BIRTHDAY!! LOL... ^_________^ ah sa... ah sa... hehe okok...

hmmm... dun have anything to say today... .. .

just tt i realised i'll be working everyday... 7 days a week... in sch 5 days... den weekends work in SC... =___=" i feel so tired. but i dun feel like giving up just yet~~~ ^__^ let my body break down man!! and i can get MC.. wahahaha j/k..

let's put it this way.. going to TEP is better den going to SC... and going to SC is better den going to TEP.. o_O ok.. i'm going to make myself believe in the 2nd point tml. lol.. and the 1st one on Monday.

actually... it's not tt bad getting $20 a week for this round of TEP... all my time are taken up by sch and work... so there's no space of time in btwn to spend much money other den food... i've just realised that i haven't even spend finish this $20, and the next $20 already arrived... o_O no wonder i dun seem to draw money from ATM as much as b4... =X but tt's something good!! cos tt means i'm one step nearer to discovering my dreams of going to HK for Twins concert. ^___^ keep it up!! i must keep it up!! wohohho ^0^... ok.. sounds like crap. i'm so tired!! zZZZzzzzZZ...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

wohoohohohoho ^0^ it's already Nov 13th!! almost half of Nov gone!! quite fast arh... haha but now tt teachers have added another job for us... i think time will go super slow starting from tml...

had really good fun last week when Twins came.. hehe~~ ^___^ is it last week? oh~~ it's the week before~~ lol.. ~__~V see? time pass fast rite? hehe

we went to the Convention Hall for the 933 awards... hmmm... actually the convention hall is like the same as the one which Body Shop had a sale on previously... actually, i think it is the same hall!! o_O hmmm... ok.. maybe not..

but anyways.. hehehehe ^________^ Twins is still so pretty!! haha but too bad i can't make it to the airport during their arrival... and i was late by 5 mins for their departure... haiz.. dun wanna bring it up... lol...

but!! i'm working real hard now to save enough for the trip to HK... pls pls please... let me go.. even if i save enough... not sure if school can let me off for 2 or 3 days... most probably cannot... but i'll go no matter what... even if i have to fly off on a friday and come back on the sunday.

i'm getting pretty lucky these days... so i hope my luck stays on... hehe.. lucky in what way? hohoho... Charlene is coming soon in Dec... and for that 2 or 3 days tt she'll be here in Singapore, i actually got off days!! haha my teacher-in-charge arranged the last 3 days of 1st round TEP for me OFF days~~ so happy!! ^_______^ i hope nothing goes wrong during these dates... cos u know.. i nv get so lucky in life... somehow, i think i'll walk halfway and fall into drain, get rammed by car while crossing road or something... =____=" ah jell's sixth sense.. oh well.. i'll accept any disaster but make it painless pls... ^0^V

hmmm... oh yup yup~~ yesterday was xiaoting's birthday, so Happy Birthday to xiaoting!! hehe

and also... b4 i forgot this precious part of my life --- had lotsa fun with TAS club in JB last last week... on the day Twins left for HK... haha we went JB... eat~~ and the first time i actually went to Neway k-box hehe~ there was like 8 of us, so the room was so big!! *big to me*~~ and den sang mostly cantonese songs, *of cos not me sing la, i dunno how to sing in chinese already, still call me sing in canto...* lol.. they has Shirley Temple for drinks man!! and if tt's not enough, we also had chicken wings!! omg!! so diff from the k-box in Singapore la... this one is so 'class' that even the interior of the room is designed... >_<" i wann go back again~~ hehe ^_______^

OK. back to normal life... tml is Monday again, and life sucks all over. =__=" but no frets!! after all these hard work and sucky days, things WILL turn for the better!! haha esp when i can see Twins again~~ hohoho ^0^ everybody lets say "To Win Is My Life" 10 times!! say it quick and fast!! yup yup!! "Twins is my life" hehe lol.. dun get it? oh nvm.. ^___^

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I've watched Emily Rose already!! hohoho ^0^ dun watch horror movies usually... but wanted to know her story... haha ^__^ yup yup... now i know her story, but i've beginning to get nightmares.. just like i did last night... =__=" I'll never want to stay up till 3am in the night again...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

ok... this is kinda lame. oops!! haha =X but i'll just carry on with this infection!!

"thx arh" to PQ for infecting me... =__=" lol...

Post 5 random and weird facts about yourself. At the end, list the names of 5 people whom you in turn infect. Also, leave a post to these people letting them know they have been infected.

1. I like the 3 for $1 sardine currypuffs sold on the streets.
2. I like divine reading and such.
3. I don't like cynics and hypocrites.
4. I jerk when I hear sudden loud noises or when I see sudden movements.
5. I cry easily. (tt explains my ultra-thick heavy and single eyelid~)

The 5 people who are infected by me are ALP, Marlene, Pauline, Clarice, Cheryl.