Monday, February 28, 2005


My best friend did not managed to pass Eng... haiz hope her appeal can be successful... really want her to be in NYP too... anyone knows if there's any private institutes out there offering a one-year course? if there is, pls let me know... thx... ^_^


these days feel weird weird? haha.. wanted to avoid somebody, but den felt avoided instead wahahahah haiz think maybe i shld get a bf soon? cos i kept fallin for girls... o_O"

last night i had a dream... haha those kind that i like!! hehe~ if only there's something to capture my dreams... haiz like a videocam? can tape down my dreams... and den replay it over and over again so that i wun't forget those happy dreams hehe ^__^

i dreamt that i kissed someone again... haha the same kind, just different person... hmmm.. why do i get such dreams... haiz maybe i'm horny wahahaa

Thursday, February 17, 2005

haiz... haven't been updating... ehehhe i'm now in lab, having a presentation soooonn... last group to be presenting today... =_=" still have about 1 hr plus before my group's turn to present... wohohohoho ^0^

hmmm... recently got scared by ghost stories again... wahahahah got some nightmares... so scary... =_="

hmmm... computer broke down again... haiz... lost all my stuff inside... T_T"

haiz....... got some problems in my head, but lazy to blog it out larh... wahahhah

anyway... while i'm blogging, i hope the camera behind me won't catch meee... cos it's supposed to be presentstion time now... hehehe oh yarh... my new hair sucks. =_=" >_<"

Thursday, February 10, 2005

hmmmmmm Gong Xi Fa Cai... Gong Hey Fa Choy... hehe ^__^ HAIZ (errmmm just breathing only larh, not sigh-ing haha) okayyy... i spent the new year day at my grandma's house... had a full day vegetarian steamboat... * full day, i mean from the time i was there till i went home* 've been eating non stop at my grandma's place... wahahahahh ^_____^ cannot help it larh.. even though vegetarian, but the food is just sooooo nice!! got fake prawns, lobster, fish, sotong, and even fake chicken wings!! they look like real ones, and taste almost like real ones too!! hehehe ^__^ hmmm... but no matter how much i eat, the food never seem to finish... wahahhaha... even after lots of guests come and go, the food still never finish one... i think my grandma bought really really lots of supplies man!! hahaha~~ oh yeah... there were lots of mushrooms too!! all really really really BIG ones... *slurp* *vomit* hmmm... had too mush mushrooms lately, i think i gonna turn into mushroom already... wohohohoho ^0^

haiz... hmmm... kept forgetting that tml got school... hmmm... all i think of is what we are going to do tml after school!! wahhaha... can't wait!! hehe ^___^

oh yeah... forgot to update these past few days... hmmm but i also forgot what i did... other den going out with friends... lucky i have some pics to remind me what, where and who i went out with.. whahaha cos i really cannot remember... hmmm >_<" i think i going to have *lao ren chi dai zheng* already leh... or maybe i already have? wahahahah.. dunno larh... haiz......

HAIZ.... can i skip stats tutorial tml... >_<"

Thursday, February 03, 2005

hmmm... catched up on some Twins news... wahahhaa haven't been reading abt them nowdays... read some stuff about them replacing 2R as Biotherm spokesperson... hehehe ^__^ *not that i hate 2R or something, but just abit biased against them larh... wahahaha...* one sentence from the news--> "Twins also applied lipstick on each other, but when Gillian applied lipstick on Charlene, Charlene laughed, "Hey, it's going off course!" ^________^*

haiz!! Twins has been releasing loads of stuff recently... 3 albums last month, one mando album *yeahhhh!!!* this month or next, and House of Fury starring Twins, Daniel Wu, Stephen Fung, and Anthony are releasing on March 24... hmmm... wahhaha another sentence from this news...--->"Gillian joined in and did a split, but Charlene had a silly smile on her face while standing by the side and was teased by the others that she was a piece of log. But smart Charlene complimented the men and was taught cool poses." wohohoho!! ^0^
(all news taken from TAS webbie) hehehe!! Twins can always make me happy~~ lalalalaalalaaa~~

oh shit!! econs and stats homework haven't do... *who cares anyway...* hmm okay i do.. wahahaha ~_~V

HOUSE OF FURY... hmmm wahahaha dun they look like 5 big red ang pows... ^__^
haiz... Wendy went back HK already... =_=" hmmm suddenly miss her calling me ah jel... wohohohoh ~_~V what she used to say when she see me--->"ah jel you mei you yong GOOD LOOK gel ah?(did you use GOODLOOK gel recently?)" hmmm.... ummmm... wahahhahaha

oh yarh... went to order Twins CNY's album at Shaw today... hmmm can get it only on friday... haiz... the uncle said Twins chinese album will be out in Feb after the CNY, early as expectd... =_=" i'm broke!! haha..

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

[Our Memories]

let the breeze touch my face, let the waters flow
and when the waterfall is calm, let us stay
let the fields turn gold, let the sun set
and when the farmers are back home, let me know
when the time is up for dinner

let the clouds drift by, let the skies turn dark
and when the village is asleep, let us lie
let the night pass on, let the stars shine
and when i'm falling asleep, let me know
when you see a shooting star

wahahhaa... it's not complete yet... but wonder if this song/poem/whatever brings back any memories to anyone? hmmm... maybe only to me barh... cos everyone has different memories... wahahaha ^__^