Sunday, September 25, 2005

Yes yEs!! it's one week since i've blogged... hehehe the reason that i'm so happy is that another week has passed!! just like that!! wahahaha...

actually... i'm trying to convince myself that the week has passed in a blink... when in truth, it has passed damn slowly... i've been "stationed" at Causeway Pt for the whole week... and M is not there cos she's on about 2 weeks leave... and it's boring!! well... at first... cos i dun really know tt guy... =___="

until yesterday!! when it's so boring tt i decided to chat... wahahhaha usually we just asked each other lame qns like, "have you eaten?" and blah blah... dunno what to say marh... wahhaha den dunno how we tok and tok, tok until like got too much things to say, until time's up le still dunno... wahhaha not bad arh... chatting helps to pass the time... especially when there's no customers for a straight 3 hours... =__=" yes yes, it's a straight 3 hours without anyone entering the shop!! wahahha i could have just died den.

it's not until today tt i found out what a clown my father was... wahahhaha... the guy whom i've mentioned just now... he was actually working with my father b4 he was transferred to Cosway pt... mwahhahaha... he said there was once my father was trying to move a bag to another place... he was right on top of the ladder... and when he tried to move the bag, he hold on to the handle for support... and den... the handle came out... and my father kind of fell from the top of the ladder to the ground... HELLO? that ladder is super tall lor!! and just imagine he fell from tt kind of height?! it's amazing he didn't died... (choi!!) and he's 49 years old!! =__=" and den... there was once a floater who was about the same age as me... went to work at my father there... my father tried to be funny and pretended that he was a doctor... he took his necklace and place it on his ears, den pretend it was something like a tool which doctors used... and he said, "Wo shi yi sheng!!" (i'm a doctor!!) and den... the necklace somehow pricked his ears... and his ears started bleeding profusely... HELLO?! is that my pa pa? o_O" he took MC for the next few days... =___=" my dad seems to fail in anything funny he tries to do... wahahha i guess he is the same as me... trying to be funny but always end up being very lame and in a pityful state... wahhahahaha =X

oh yarh... the guy also said "like father like daughter" he says i'm the same as my father... both also weird weird, funny funny, and crazy... o_O? am i tt bad? wohohohoho ^0^ hmmmm!! no wonder my mum said once... (err actually not once but hundred of times already...) she said, "you are like your father, and your brother is like me..." she also said that she gave birth wrongly... cos... my brother is like a girl, likes neatness, he even buys new shoes regularly!! just like a girl!! and me? i'm like a boy, i can't stand tidyness... i can't seem to find my things when it's too tidy... and... i dun really buy new shoes unless i need to... wahahhaa... and!! i wear any clothes that my hands touches on, and my bro... he has to stare at his wardrobe and think very carefully what he wants to wear... (okay maybe not tt exeggerated...) but!! i always see him standing in front of the mirror and doing poses, just to see if he looks good in that shirt... and he puts on gel to style his hair neatly, and he wears contact lenses ALMOST on every outing... and... okok... i can't find anymore vain-ness in him. ME? i can't stand how ugly i look, so i try not to look into the mirror... mwahahahah... okok... j/k... just trying to emphasize tt we should both change sex... lol... even my mum gave up and she mentioned once... ---> "if one day i find out ur bro is gay and u r lesbian, i will not be surprised!!" wahahhah wohohohoh maybe she's trying to say how come my bro still doesn't have a gf when he's already 23, and i dun have a bf when i'm already 18... and tt my cousins have gfs and bfs already though they are still only in sec sch... =__=" OKOK i shall stop crapping here. =X

and last thing... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CHERYL!! ^_______________________________^* may she have good health forever, and always have the same face forever!! (so tt i can recognise her even 20 years later... hoho) and may she grow taller... nono may she NOT grow taller anymore!! she's so tall!! no no cannot!! dun grow so tall!! >_<" =X

Sunday, September 18, 2005

wohohohoho i've just completed changing my blog skin!! hehehe hmm... o_O it's almost 3am... and i've not sleep yet... hope i dun fall asleep during work tml!! wahahaha... i'm going to get lethargic tml... hope there won't be any difficult customers... or else my smile will turn into a stare... wohohoho.... =X

hmmm... have been using complicated designs for my blog... getting tired of it... so now using back the simpler ones!! hehehe i used back my very first blogskin... except that i've change some stuffs... hehe LOOK at that picture above!! nice? nice? i drew it myself, den scan into computer!! not bad rite? hehehe ^_____^ if u click refresh, the background of the picture will change colour... ^_____^ can't decide which bg colour to choose for it... so i'll let fate decide what you'll see!! hehehe okok.. crap.

hmmm... Monday's my off day... and Thursday's also my off day... hmmmm o_O i'm hinting something to you guys la~ wahahahah

Friday, September 16, 2005

mwahahahah~~~ hehe~ ^___^ i passed!! all my modules!! hehe ^___^ thought i was going to fail in at least one module... phew. hehe

i have exactly one month... and i'll be working till 16th of Oct... one day before sch opens... hehe i really have to work to earn enough money to go HK... hmmm... i hope all turns out well...

my mum's doc says she has a heart problem... o_O i saw her report... hmm... some lines... there's one part which looks like a straight line, den the next line is like her heart beating quite fast? o_O something wrong correct already la... hope it's nothing serious... but den again, it should be quite serious since it has got to do with the Heart... HAIZ. thank god her visits to the doctor are subsidised by NTUC...

hmmmmm o_O i'm beginning to suspect my trip to HK next year might be cancelled... my mum might need the money more den me... wahahha... let's see first barh!! maybe if i carry on working on every weekends after school, i may be able to save enough for my mum, and also for the trip to HK!! ^___^ All is not lost... ^___^V All is not lost...

Some Craps below..

i want to earn enough money to buy a Caravan!! den i'll be able to travel from Singapore to Malaysia, and den into Thailand!! hohoho ^0^ since the countries are all connected rite? no oceans in between... but i dunno how long it'll take for me to save enough even for an air ticket... =__=" let's see... if i dun buy a caravan, den i just save enough money for a backpacking trip, not in Europe, but in Asia!! wahahahah... From Singapore, take bus to Malaysia, den in Malaysia take bus to Thailand.. o_O is that possible? how many months? wohohoh... den from Thailand take bus to Chiangrai... den finally to Theong District... hehehe den after the visit, take transport to Myanmar, den to Laos, den to China!! den i'll be able to go HK!! wahahaha... after that, visit North Korea, den South Korea, den maybe take ship to Japan!!! den after that, backtrack to China, den go Mongolia, Kazakhstan, blah blah, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Blangadesh, back to Myanmar, den Thailand again, den Malaysia and back home!! wohohoho ^0^ hmmmm... i think i might not survive that... even if i dun die from motion sickness, i will probably also die from the random attacks of robbers since i'm always that unlucky.. hehe oh yarh... i also wanna go to Tibet... and to the Himalayas... hmmm... O_o i wonder how long my lifespan is...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

sighz. when is our results going to be released? dunno if i pass or fail... really dun wan to take for sub(s) paper... mwahhaha... just pray!! >_<"

everytime i start working, i wish i was back in school... =__=" and it's the same for this time too... wohohohoo ^0^ but this time, the money i'm earning is gonna go to the air ticket and Twins concert in Jan next year~~~ wohohho it'll be the first time tt i'll be going to HK!! hopefully all turns out well and i really get to watch Twins concert... a friend told me all their previous concert were really good!! as in, the atmosphere and all, it was so good that she watched every night of the concert... o_O well... she's rich marh... mwahahahahah hmmm i guess if i want to guarantee that i'm really going for their concert in Jan, i'll have to work!! maybe non-stop till school opens, and den every weekend till next year, it'll be enough den. hohohoh ^0^ i'm getting all my energy from Twins!! hehehe from the thought that i'll be going to their concert!! ^___^

having some thoughts ever since i started working again... o_O O_o i always start to have thoughts when i'm working... wahahha... i guess i'm changing my dreams again... hohoho last time i wanted to open a clothes shop...(or izzit? i forgot... some kind of clothings shop anyway...) this time, i think i wanna open a Fortune-telling shop!! haha i mean, there aren't much shops like this ard here rite...? and anyway... i think i'm pretty interested in these stuffs since i've just realised i used to buy the Astrology magazines when i'm younger, and den there's the Celtic astrology book, the Tarot reading book, the animal spirit book, and also the herbal magick book... all that has got to do with fortune-telling and stuffs... hehehe AND!! most of my surfing time on the internet is use to surf astrology sites!! wahahha... about colour auras of a person's body, about the zodiac signs, about runic signs, ... ... hmmm... errrr.. i guess this is enough to show how much i'm interested in astrology and such rite? wahahah... anyway... i hope there won't be many shops like these opening soon in Singapore... why? cos i'm gonna open one!! hehehe ^___^ okok *fat hope*...

wouldn't it be nice... if there's one such shop in the Heeren, and den the sign of the shop reads "Gypsy's House" and den, when u enter, there's many different booths, there are the Palm reading booth, the tarot reading booth, the crystal reading booth, a room to capture what-is-the-colours-of-your-body-aura, a booth which reads ur fortune using the i-ching, and more and more!! hehehe so many choices for you to choose, surely got business since people are always curious about themselves... even if not superstitious, it'll be entertaining!! hehe ^___^ alright alright... better not say so much... =X errr... i think i've said too much... hey dun open a fortune telling shop okay? even if open, pls dun be like what i've describe... or else i have to change my dreams again... wahahahah ^___^